Songs you need to watch out for in 2023 Ep.1

Thousands of new artists drop releases every day, and with all the music out, there’s a more void now than ever for that authentic sound. You can enjoy that music, see the talent, and feel the artists’ souls on the track. 

Today, we have compiled a list of songs you need to watch out for. The songs listed below shine with a bright sound packed with catchy melodies that burst out the speakers’ seams into your ears, making you keep coming back for more. 

Here is the list of top songs that you need to watch out for this year:

  • M.S – Surf

M.S.’s “Surf” is a smooth ballad to hit an entire string from the heart. The American rapper makes his songs with Passion and affection, which surmises the premise of the single. Pure, authentic vibes are curated from each hum of the young artist’s voice—a unique talent in a growing landscape of new-era Hip-Hop artists.

Check out M.S’s “Surf” on Youtube below:

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Canadian-based Artist PEAK is a fast rising Hip-Hop/R&B artist who continues to represent his city and community with his unique blend of Hip-hop and modern R&B.  

Since stepping foot in the game, PEAK has quickly demonstrated himself to be a multifaceted artist who conveys lyricism and charismatic rhyming structures, especially with his recent song “QUIET.”

Check out PEAK’s “QUIET” on Spotify below:

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  • Benhurzz – Summer

Benhurzz is an independent singer, songwriter, and producer born and raised in the Philippines but currently based in Ireland. Being heavily influenced by Hip-Hop and R&B artists, the talented artist does not disappoint with releasing his latest track titled “Summer.” Benhurzz’s “Summer” is a short, dreamy R&B ballad written, mixed, and produced based on the artist’s love experiences from last year (2022).

Check out Benhurzz’s “Summer” on Spotify below:

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  • Kid Koala – Once Upon A Time In The North-east

Canadian-based hip-hop star Kid koala is a multi-talented music performer, film composer, theatre producer, and visual artist rapidly growing his fanbase due to his virtuosic skills. Kid Koala brings a swaggy vocal performance that is infectious with his recent single off his forthcoming album titled “Once Upon A Time In The Northeast.”

Check out “Once Upon A Time In The Northeast” on Spotify below:

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  • Faze.D – Every Night

American Based poetic genius, Faze.D is a multifaceted hip-hop rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer who has taken out time to learn all he needs to know about his craft. The talented music star does not disappoint in the release of his recent single titled “Every Night,” which is dedicated to his loving wife. The song is all about their three years journey as a married couple.

Check out “Every Night” on Spotify below:

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