“Spirit Rapping” by schnoz: A Must-Listen Track of 2023

Alternative Hip-Hop artist schnoz is back with his latest single, “Spirit Rapping.” The track, part of his debut album, Safety School, is a fusion of electronic beats and classic hip-hop sounds, resulting in a unique and unforgettable listening experience.

A Message for the Modern World

“Spirit Rapping” speaks to the modern-day issues of technological, environmental, and political anxieties while maintaining a sense of humor and eccentricity. Schnoz’s variable stream-of-consciousness flow adds depth to the track, making it a standout in the alternative hip-hop genre.

A One-Man Production

Schnoz is a mastermind, handling all aspects of the music-making process. From writing and producing to recording, schnoz does it all. Additionally, he is a conscientious objector of social media, making him a rare gem in the age of influencers and social media stars.

The Schnoz Experience

Originally from the DC area, schnoz now resides in Miami, and his music is making waves across the country. His innovative sound pushes the boundaries of the alternative hip-hop genre, and “Spirit Rapping” is just one example of his talent.


“Spirit Rapping” is a must-listen track of 2023, and schnoz is an artist to keep an eye on. His unique sound and uncompromising vision make him a standout in the music industry. So, wear your headphones and get ready to experience the Schnoz effect.

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