Schnoz debuted his newest single titled “Alien”

Schnoz is a Miami-based artist and songwriter that has been consistent with his songwriting, and he is dedicated to the underground. He is highly inspired by classic hip-hop music.

“Alien” is a dark alternative hip-hop song. As the name says, alien tells the feelings of being alienated, not feeling like you belong anywhere, and being alien makes you so special and one of a kind the song makes you feel proud to be a bonafide alien.

Aliens is a special type of song performed with sci-fi-infused beats with a string of sounds that blend into one playful body-moving song.

Schnoz is a talented rapper and songwriter who has always written, produced and recorded all his songs. His lyrics are striking, and “Aliens” will appear on his debut album, “safety school out,” Schnoz is multi-talented and a force to reckon with. we had to feature him on our page.

Stream “Aliens” on Spotify.

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