Sounds of the New Generation

The music industry is constantly evolving, and new artists and genres have created a new generation of music. This playlist features five tracks from up-and-coming artists that showcase the diverse sounds of this new generation.

This playlist highlights the unique styles and sounds of the new generation of musicians. The playlist represents diverse sounds and artists, each with unique perspectives. “Troubled Times” brings a soulful and dark pop sound, while “2020” features a hard-hitting rap flow. “Piggy Bank” combines catchy hooks with a new type of beat, and “BOREDOM” explores the theme of love freshly and uniquely. Finally, “Like The View” showcases a lifestyle experience through Swabbo’s perspective.


  • “Troubled Times” by Baba Yaga feat. Meals

Baba Yaga feat. Meals have released a haunting electronic track titled “Troubled Times.” The downtempo duo’s blend of soulful dark pop and smooth alternative beats sets the perfect backdrop for the song’s introspective lyrics. A must-listen for anyone looking for a hauntingly beautiful electronic experience.

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  • “2020” by FYM Q

FYM Q is a rising rap artist from Gainesville, FL, with a unique blend of Motown classics and Southern rap influences. Despite a public mental breakdown that led to the deletion of his debut project, he bounced back with a new project, “All Outta Love,” and later, “Last Night I Thought About U,” where he speaks about serious life events. He also started a media company named “Eastside Steppa Association.”

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  • “Piggy Bank” by Mr. Loudguy

Mr.Loudguy’s latest single, “Piggy Bank,” is a fresh and catchy tune with a new beat and style. Produced by Logic and featuring vocals from A-Train, the Detroit native delivers his signature Midwest flow with clever lyrics and infectious hooks. Get ready to groove and save some money with this playful track.

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  • “BOREDOM” by Munboi

UK-based artist Munboi has released a soulful new track with Ray Wills titled “Boredom.” The song explores the theme of two people who cure each other’s boredom but raises whether it’s true love. Munboi’s emotional vocals and the song’s smooth production make it a must-listen for R&B fans.

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  • “Like The View” by Swabbo

Swabbo’s latest release, “Like The View,” takes listeners on a journey of a carefree lifestyle with a lover by the water. The song showcases Swabbo’s talent for crafting a catchy beat and weaving together relatable lyrics. With this release, Swabbo continues to gain momentum and attract new listeners to its unique sound.

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The music industry is constantly changing, and this playlist represents the sounds of the new generation. Listeners can expect to hear a range of styles and genres, each showcasing the unique talent of these up-and-coming artists. Whether you’re a rap, electronic, or alternative beats fan, this playlist has something for everyone. Check out the Sounds of the New Generation and discover your new favorite artist.

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