Do Not Associate ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Shines with Storytelling and Fresh Sound

Do Not Associate’s recent release, “Hot Girl Summer,” showcases the rapper’s ability to tell a compelling story through his lyrics while infusing a modern sound. The song is part of the Wrong Direction E.P., which takes listeners through heartbreak, drugs, and more.

Do Not Associate’s unique blend of spirituality, ethics, and ancient philosophy into his music makes for a refreshing addition to the U.K.’s rap scene. The rapper’s intelligent and skillful lyricism is evident in “Hot Girl Summer,” where he tells the story of a guy going through the motions with a girl, only to end up in heartbreak.

Supported by B.B.C. Radio Introducing in Wales, D.N.A.’s talent is noticed. With his first album set for release later this year, fans can expect a unique and thought-provoking sound that will get their heads bopping and thinking.

In summary, “Hot Girl Summer” is a testament to D.N.A.’s ability to tell a captivating story through music while delivering a fresh and unique sound to the rap scene.

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