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Soulja Boys Says He Make’s $100K A Day, Made $1 Million Off BitCoin, And Drops Albums ‘Like Beyoncé

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Soulja Boy jumped on Instagram Live on Thursday morning to share that he will be releasing his new album ‘BIG DRACO 2’ at noon Friday. But, according to Soulja Boy, He only has two features on the album.

“BIG Draco Two at midnight, you know what the f*** going on n****. Stop playing SOD Money Gang N***. The album finna drop and I got two features on there. Everybody go get it on iTunes on Apple Music,” said Soulja.

“I drop like Beyoncé meaning no date, no time, and no promotion.”

Soulja Boy dropping his album comes on the heels of him engaging in another social media back and forth. This time it is with Trouble from Atlanta, who called the Crank That artist out after Memphis own, Young Dolph.

After the news was confirmed of Dolph’s passing, Trouble tweeted,

“I like da lil silly shit soulja Be doin time to time, its entertainment, I get it. Dont Be no puss azz nigga an drop no song kalled “stretch sump” da next dayy as if u got active in my dawg losin his life dou! 😒 Das ho shit luh Bruh @souljaboy an u kno wuzzam wit me.”

According to Baller Alert, Soulja Boy released a song titled “Stretch Some” yesterday. It’ll likely appear on his Big Draco 2 album, which arrives tomorrow (Nov. 19) at midnight.

Soulja caught wind of the Thug Love rapper’s remarks and replied in a now-deleted tweet, “That song been out but what u wanna do nigga? U sound touch as hell on the internet fuck u talking about nigga.”
In a second message, Soulja Boy mentioned Trouble directly and said, “Police ass nigga @TroubleDTE.”

The Shaderoom also posted the exchange between the two where Soulja Boy tweets that Trouble could be next.

In that same Instagram Live session, Thursday morning Soulja Boy shared that he makes $100K a day and that he made $1 million off of Bitcoin.

Make sure you go get Soulja Boy’s album ‘Big Draco 2’ when it drops at midnight on Friday morning.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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