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Soulja Boy Move To Alaska And Stay Off Social Media Until The Young Dolph Stuff Blows Over, Says Wack 100

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Last week, Soulja Boy and Young Dolph got into a war of words on social media. But, according to XXL, things seem to start on November 10th. Apparently, the Memphis rapper was bragging about how much money he was pulling in a show and being an independent artist.

“How da fuck im a independent artist and gettin 100rax plus for a show,” Dolph wrote on his Instagram Story. “How da fuck @keyglock got more cars & ice than you & your ceo?”

Soulja Boy saw Dolph’s post on an Instagram blog and decided to discredit the Memphis rapper. “That’s big cap,” SB commented. “They signed to @empire I’m really 100% Independent no cap.”

Soulja’s comments led to someone on Dolph’s label communicating with Soulja on social media. The “Rick and Morty” rapper blasted Dolph and his team on Instagram afterward.

Man, Young Dolph, if you don’t get your bitch ass artist out my muthafuckin DM, nigga,” Soulja snapped. “Fuck you talkin’ bout, nigga? Nigga thought he was bulletproof ’til he got shot like Dolph, nigga. Fuck you talkin’ ’bout, nigga? Ain’t you the nigga getting shot at 100 times? Ain’t you the nigga getting popped and shot at all the time? Y’all bitch ass niggas better get out of my DM. Fuck Paper Route. Fuck Key Glock. Fuck Young Dolph. Fuck all y’all niggas.”

A week later, Dolph was gunned down in his hometown of Memphis. According to TMZ, Dolph entered a store, and a vehicle pulled up, pulled through a forward window, and hit the rapper.

“This shooting is another example of the senseless gun violence, we are experiencing locally and nationwide. Our hearts go out to the Thornton family and all who are affected by this horrific act of violence,” said Memphis Police.

On Wednesday afternoon, Wack 100 was on the Clubhouse app in the ‘Sleepless in LA’ room after Young Dolph’s passing news broke. When he let the room know that he didn’t, Soulja had anything to do with the incident, but he should go to Alaska and stay off social media until further notices.

“Soulja Boy should go to Alaska while this blows over,” said Wack 100.

“We know where everybody going to look off the rip, but Soulja Boy better not go play with it. Soulja will go on the internet playing and doing little s***. He better not say a word. If I was him, I would log out of all his social media accounts.”

It has been heavily documented of all the people that Young Dolph had disagreements within the music industry with Yo Gotti and Blac Youngsta.

TMZ also reported that Memphis Police are on high alert in case of possible retaliation. The Memphis Police immediately pulled to Yo Gotti’s restaurant, which is ten miles away from Dolph was gunned down. According to TMZ, Dolph’s attorney and friend, Scott Hall, shared that there were plans for the fallen rapper to pass out turkeys on Wednesday for a charity event.

Dolph leaves behind two kids and was only 36.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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