Souleye Speaks With The Hype Magazine about His New Album Wild Man and More!

Souleye (@Souleye ) has earned rave reviews and a rabid following for his rousing and powerful mode that challenges paradigms and incorporates Hip-Hop, EDM, R&B, and Funk. Souleye has been touted as, “Hip hop’s medicine man,”“America’s new leading edge voice,” and “a modern day hip hop warrior.”

After releasing 2012’s Iron Horse Running and touring the world playing sold-out arenas with Alanis Morissette (@Alanis), an inspired Souleye returned to the studio to begin work on his next full-length album. With a wealth of new cloth, slowly released his album Shapeshifting in October 2015 featuring lead singles, “The Victim” and “Labeled”. Shapeshifting effortlessly joins old-school hip hop with trip-hop…it’s a psychedelic, otherworldly exploration.

“’ The Victim’ touches on some mysterious issues that I feel many people, myself included, struggle with. The victim-consciousness, or the ‘ poor me’ mentality, is a darker aspect of our shadow-selves that we must first embrace, then run through. We hold on to old patterns and traumas that happened to us in the past, and this song speaks of putting out and freeing ourselves from all things that hold us back and keep us in a victim state.”-

Souleye Shapeshifting as well as “Labeled” and “The Victim” received an honest amount of press and was featured on sites such as Yahoo Music, Thisis50, The Hype Magazine, Triple HQ and more. “Labeled” made it to the top 20 Official European Independent music charts. Music Notez touted, “Not only is he a brilliantly gifted lyricist, but his music delivers a secure and positive message.

Sale returns this autumn with another thought- provoking track. The socially conscious hip-hop artist released his brand new single “Follow Your Heart” on November 11, 2016. The new single highlights overcoming difficulties and hesitations with self-awareness, self-motivation, and interdependence. The single was accompanied by a music video as well.

 The Hype Magazine had an opportunity to speak with the talented artist over the phone recently about his upcoming project “Wild Man.” Soul Eye has already released  “Snow Angel”, and “Follow Your Heart“, with the album scheduled to be released later this summer.  He also talks about how he and his wife Alanis utilizes their background in music to help teach their children life concepts and some of the things he has planned for the rest of 2017. The full interview can be read in its entirety below!

You grew up in Sturbridge, MA can you describe the cultural differences between there and Los Angeles?

I cannot describe the culture differences in Sturbridge as an adult. I have not been in Sturbridge since my younger teenage years. Where I grew up it is a small town, where LA is very complex and diverse, a lot of excitement compared to where I grew up; you can explore the whole town in a day.  I can say I went to college on a basketball scholarship in Springfield Ma. So, I can compare Springfield and Boston where each city has a lot more diversity like Los Angeles compared to Sturbridge.

Your new project is slated for release later this summer, what can your fans expect from this body of work?

I have released two singles so far “Snow Angel” and “Follow Your Heart” and the project will bring a cohesive feel that will bridge the gap between the EDM side of things while still having that underground hip-hop feeling to the album.

How long did it take you and Alanis Morissette to come up with the concept for “Snow Angel”?

I set up a studio off the coast of Vancouver, Canada and invited Crush Effect to work on a couple singles on the project with me. We started on this song before it was titled “Snow Angel,” and we were trying to come up with a theme, verse ideas.  As the instrumental was playing in the background Alanis comes in and says I love this, I have a hook for it and on the spot, in one take she was done with the verse.  Then we came up with the title of Snow Angel because every relationship we have is unique and fresh.  It took me to a little bit longer to come up with my verse, however, I was on the beach playing with my son and it came to me.

Can you tell us about your upcoming single “Hip Hop Medicine”?

I wanted to keep the EDM mainstream feel with this single and that went hand and hand with the quality of drums picked which sequenced the arrangement of the track. I have a guest singer by the name of Dustin Tavella that helps give it that R&B feel as well.

Do you have any aspirations outside of the entertainment business you are currently pursuing?

Being able to grow as an individual, to be a better person for my love one around me and essence make a better artist in the process.

Do you and Alanis try to use your music background to teach your kids different skills through music?

I was freestyling in the pool with my nine-month-old daughter and she was beatboxing while I freestyling. We can see that it is rubbing off on our kids, but we by no means will force what we do for a living on them. My oldest son has been around music his whole life, being able to watch as music videos are being created to even making beats of his own on his iPad. So, I would have to say music helps with the creativity process and helps them grow as individuals.

Can you name a couple songs off “Wild Man” you like the most?

“Wild Man” featuring an artist by the name of Lynx is a super creative artist and beatboxer, songwriter, and producer. Another track that I really enjoyed making was called “Classic” that has a great beat feature and I feel any hip -hop head or music lover, in general, will take a liking to it as soon as, the beat drops and it also features a rapper by the name of Chachillie.

If you had to start all over from scratch in this day in age, how would you go about it?

To be honest I would take the same approach and use the same strategies that have brought me to my current position. You must remember social platforms make it a lot easier for us to connect with our fans, but you still must go over lyrics and study the craft to get better as an artist, producer etc.

How often do you still produce your own music even though you have access to the best producers in the world?

When I’m thinking of lyrics and what I want to put into my music I use a producing program to help the creation process. I do not plan on using these beats but like I said it helps get my creative juices going.  Then I will collaborate with a producer to help inspire me as an artist.

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