Shaquille O’Neal And Julio Jones Team Up With Restaurateur And Philanthropist William Platt For “The B.A.N.K’s Back To School Community Giveaway And Bash

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It’s that time of the year when k-12 are preparing to go back to schedule after the summer break, which means parents around the country are budgeting to ensure things are for the rest of the year.

However, they want to ensure their kids are prepared for school going into the fall. Someone that can relate is Atlanta business executive, restaurateur, and philanthropist, William Platt. Platt, a father of four boys, grew up on the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia.

He and his wife Ericka Platt are the owners of Restaurant Ten, Rosie’s Coffee Café franchise, and the upcoming event ‘The Bank.’

You may be familiar with Platt. He and his wife were instrumental in helping the George Floyd family over the last two years, notably Gianna Floyd and her mother. They are also responsible for throwing Gianna Floyd a birthday party last year with special guests Lil Baby, former NBA players Stephen Jackson, and Shaquille O’Neal.

On Sunday, July 31, Platt and its B.A.N.K Foundation (meaning Blessing all neighborhood kids) will host a Back 2 School community celebration with Hoops and Hunger and the H.U.G.S. The inaugural event will provide everyone in need with back-to-school uniforms and supplies. It will be held in the Bank’s event center. Shaquille, Julio Jones, and V103 support the Back to School campaign. Everyone is welcome to attend.

“I love helping kids all over the world and in different communities. I’m passionate about this, and it’s important for me to make sure that they succeed. So I definitely wanted to support The B.A.N. K’s back-to-school drive because it’s going to help a lot of kids,” said O’Neal.

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“We all have to do our part and help out. Also, we have to be examples for the kids in the community.  For me, that is my priority,” said Julio Jones.

Platt worked with his longtime friend, physical education teacher Charles Ridley of Hoops for Hunger, the H.U.G.S Foundation, and the. Atlanta Public Schools to recognize families and children in need, especially on the Westside.

The Westside is very special for the Atlanta-based business owner and philanthropist.

Before being successful in catering and event management, he was just another young man from Atlanta’s Westside with a dream. He was determined to succeed for his children and his community with four sons.

“It all starts with the youth and how they look at themselves and their environment,” Platt said.  “We have to really invest in the kids, their education and re-build our own community. Therefore, I wanted to have the Back 2 school bash right here at our event space, The Bank. This is also why I opened The Bank here on Donald Lee Holloway because I want to provide jobs, and opportunities for people living in the community.  That’s how we fight poverty and develop our communities-by being pro-active, involved and re-investing in where we come from,” shared Platt. A lot of Atlanta’s talent and success comes from the Westside so we can’t just leave our community behind when we become successful,” said Platt.

The Westside of Atlanta has suffered from violence, criminality and poverty for generations. Platt aspired to go back to his community and invest in it successfully. He became a central character in the reconstruction of the western side.

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Written by Landon Buford

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