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Pro Football Hall Of Famer Selects Heat’s Bam Adebayo Over Lakers’ Anthony Davis Ahead Of Their Match Up Monday Night

Miami Big man Bam Adebayo is amongst the NBA’s elite players. During his career has made two all-star appearance, has earned four-time defensive selections, and was apart of Team USA Basketball, which brought home an Olympic gold medal in the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

His play in the league has earned him not only respect from his peers around the league such as Jimmy Butler, Bradley Beal, and Basketball Hall Of Famers Dwyane Wade & Jerry West.

Butler shared, “He’s been the anchor for us on the defensive side, but my goodness when he’s attacking and making shots, getting to the free throw line on the offense side of it, he looks unguardable.”

“The[y] have big, mobile guys like Bam,” Beal said. “Bam can guard one through five.

“So my biggest thing was just making sure to try to keep Bam out of as many pick and rolls as possible.”

“He has no ceiling. He has none,” Wade said of Adebayo. “I won’t put any on him either because I’ve been that young guy who a lot of people didn’t have high expectations for, but you knew he could do something. Then look what happened to my career. Bam has no ceiling at all, man. I think we all knew that Bam was a Miami Heat guy. That’s all we knew. We knew that he was in line with the Alonzos [Mourning] and the UDs (Udonis Haslems) of the world. He’s that kind of talent and kind of player, with the way he approaches things.

“What he has been able to accomplish in his third year, winning the Skills Challenge as a big guy. Then coming back and playing in an All-Star Game. He could have gone into the Dunk Contest if he wanted to. He has the ability to do everything. One day, he’s going to become a great outside shooter. Right now, he’s becoming a great in-the-post, face-up, midrange kind of shooter. He’s going to eventually extend it and he’s going to become a great shooter.”

Earlier this year, NBA legend Jerry West appeared on an episode of The Rich Eisen Show, where he received much praise for Adebayo.

“I think Bam Adebayo in Miami is really good. He plays every night. He competes every night. He gets numbers every night. Even if say he doesn’t score on some nights, he’s still gonna help them win because of his value to his team. And he doesn’t get a lot of publicity.”

Someone Adebayo recently received praise from was Pro Football Hall of Famer, O.J. Simpson, even calling him better than Lakers’ All-Star Anthony Davis.

“I like tough, so I’m going with Bam because I like tough,” Simpson said on the “It Is What It Is” podcast hosted by rappers Cam’Ron and Ma$e. “I think your boy (Davis) is maybe more dangerous offensively when he’s on but Bam is tough and I like tough.”

In the first six games of this season, Davis has maintained an impressive average of 26.3 points, 13 rebounds, and a career-best 3.7 blocks. Meanwhile, Adebayo has been contributing an average of 21.4 points while serving as the third offensive option.

Both Davis and Adebayo get the chance to face off against each other in Miami on Monday night. So, we can see if Davis or Adebayo can prove Simpson right or wrong during the game this evening.

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