Rochee Debuts Memorable New Single “T.F.”

Rochee is a singer/songwriter/producer from Brooklyn, NYC, who blends his experience performing/writing for rock bands, pop groups and R&B groups to create a unique alternative R&B sound that is original and incredibly catchy. His music creates sonic landscapes for the listener to get lost in, as can be heard on his brilliant new single, “T.F.”, which was co-written with Oscar/Grammy/Golden Globe award-winning songwriter Anthony Rossomando.

The rhythmic track draws attention immediately with its atmospheric, toe-tapping beat and Rochee’s smooth, hypnotic vocals alongside a string of lush melodies, which all work in tandem to create an irresistible soundscape. “T.F.” kicks off Rochee’s 2023 in a memorable way and sets up what promises to be an exciting year for the artist, with much more music to come, ensuring he’ll be one to watch. The track is also accompanied by an equally impressive music video.

Speaking further on the new release, Rochee says, “‘T.F.’ is the drunk dial everyone does to an ex at some point. For me, telling the story was a release of emotion at that point in my life. It was during quarantine, and my girlfriend and I had broken up, and I wanted her back. One day I sat down to write, and the chords I came up with sounded like a sad drunk dial. The song pretty much wrote itself after that.” “T.F.” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

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