RIQQY Releases a new single called ” Nervous”

Boston-based artist Riqqy delivers a new single, “Nervous,” an alternative rap-filled ballad that is perfectly done. 

“Nervous” is a rap-filled song that makes you feel uplifted. It is the song you listen to while with your special someone. It is playful and uplifting and gives you the idea of being nervous with your love interest.

Riqqy delivers this song with a rhythmic, soulful mixture of rap with a classical guitar. His vocal performance makes you feel happy and lifted. Ricky has an upcoming show on February 4th in Manhattan and is working with his creative team, STASHGANG.

“Nervous is the kind of song you listen to with your friends and someone special. It gives a calming vibe. Hearing much about this project, we had to post on our page.

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