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Emerging singer and songwriter Amit recently celebrated the release of her first single forward” off her debut project, which will be released later this fall. It will be the first of six singles over the next few months. Amit collaborated with DJ/producer DANEON on “Forward,” who has worked with MAX, Marc Anthony, Will Smith, and Bad Bunny.

Amit comes from a unique background, as he served in the army by the age of 18. Not many artists can say they have taken the same path, and it has become a part of her musical background.

Amit was born and raised in a small town near Tel Aviv Israel and discovered her talent for music at the age of six. As a teenager, she began writing and performing her music before she would complete her military duties, which is mandatory for all Israelis citizens.

Her time serving her country, helped open her eyes on a global scale, and it would spill over into her artistry as a musician. Amit music style is a mixture of pop, alt R&B, and her worldly travels. She draws her influence from artists such as Jorja Smith, Khalid, and Sabrina Claudio, which allows her to push bounders in her craft.

I recently spoke with Amit about working with DJ/producer DANEON. We also asked about Khalid’s announcement that he is playing a free concert later this month to raise money for the victims that lost their lives in the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.

You started singing at the age of six. What specifically inspired you to pursue a music career at such a young age?

When I was six years of age, I couldn’t imagine that I would become a musician. It was just something that I loved doing, and when I was 16, I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. So, that is when my journey started, and then I began writing songs. In the beginning, I wasn’t familiar with all the singers, credits, industry norms because I was more focused on writing music, which was my passion.

You served in the army by the age of 18. Can you share with us some of the things you learned while serving your country?

I learned the value of helping others by being around great individuals and learning how to deal with different situations that occur. At the time, I was an engineer in the army, and it required me to deal with a lot of technical things. It dealt with building the stage, and then I was able to perform afterward. It allowed me to gain experience when it comes to playing.

How has it influenced the creative process of making your music?

It influenced my music because it allows me to feel comfortable at home in Israel. That is what brought everything together for me and allowed me to achieve the goals that I have made thus far. It has also allowed me to travel and see the world.

You just released your debut single Forward off your debut Ep that will be released later this fall. Can you describe what it was like working with DJ/producer DANEON?

He has written some massive hits with guys such as Marc Anthony, Bad Bunny, and Will Smith to name some of the artists he has worked with in the past. As for working with him directly, he was the best person I have worked with thus far. He is very creative, humble, and I enjoyed sharing my thoughts with him during the creation process. He brought a lot of depth into my music.

You are pushing your music boundaries through your influence from Jorja Smith, Khalid, and Sabrina Claudio. Did you get a chance to work with any of those artists on the upcoming EP?

I didn’t get the chance to work with any of those artists on this project, but I would love to work with them in the future. I think it would be a fantastic experience, but I will be working on some cool collaborations with the next couple of singles that I will be releasing that I think listeners will enjoy.

Khalid just announced that he would be holding a benefit concert later this month to support the victims of the recent shooting in El Paso, Texas. What are your thoughts on his jester?

That is amazing!  I just saw that he was planning on holding a concert to support the victims and their families in the recent shooting in El Paso, Texas. I feel so bad about those acts of terrorism, and I think as artists, it’s the least we can do as artists to show our support.

Not many artists from Israel get the chance to showcase their talents on a global stage. How does it feel to know that you are opening the door for inspiring artists behind you to be noticed?

That is a great question, but I don’t think I am there just yet because I am just starting my journey. However, that would be amazing for me to inspire people to work harder and to follow their dreams.

If you could do a project with three iconic artists who would they be and why?

Working with Frank Ocean would be a fantastic opportunity because I am a fan of his music. He is one of my all-time favorite artists. I would also like to work with Jorja Smith because I love the sound of her voice. I also love the way she describes things, and her music is very soulful. The third and final artist would be Khalid, but there are so many artists out there, and they all inspire me to write more music.



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