Doug Gottlieb Gets Jaw Dropping Response from Cowboys Great Troy Aikman


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On Saturday night, ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news that former Comeback Player of the Year Andrew Luck, was planning on retiring from the NFL after just seven seasons.

The only problem is Luck was planning on delivering the news himself to his teammates on Sunday after during a scheduled press conference, but Schefter beat him to the punch. The story started to spread like wildfire, and it began to circulate throughout Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. When the Colts sideline caught wind of it, security removed Luck from the field. As Luck was leaving the field, the Indy crowd booed him.

According to multiple reports, none of the Colts players talked to the media after Saturday’s game. Instead, there was an impromptu press conference that featured Andrew Luck, Head coach Frank Reich, GM Chris Ballard, and Colts owner Jim Irsay.

While everyone was paying their respects for Lucks time in the league, Doug Gottlieb, who is the host of the Doug Gottlieb Show on Fox Sports Radio and a Basketball Analyst on FS1/Stadium/Compass/TheAthletic. Tweets out “Retiring cause rehabbing is “too hard” is the most millennial thing ever #AndrewLuck”

Causing his name to be trending on Twitter in the sports section. Numerous individuals began asking what he was thinking of by posting something like that, while others started posting references to him stealing a classmates credit from his Wikipedia page and other news platforms.


However, one of the most notable Tweet came from Hall of Famer and Cowboys great Troy Aikman.

“That’s total bullshit, Doug. What qualifies you to decide how someone should live their life? So you’re now the authority on what motivates Andrew Luck? And if his decisions don’t fit into what you think is best for him then you rip him? Guess that keeps you employed on FS1. Nice”

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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