Seahawks’ Champion Doug Baldwin Wanted To Face Rams’ Jalen Ramsey Healthy

According to Adam Schefter, it has been almost three seasons since former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin had to retire from a cumulative effect of multiple injuries.

“It was a process longer than just last year,” Baldwin told “I think when you come into the NFL or any entertainment business as a young person, you have to be selfish, you have to be self-centered because it’s all about self-preservation in that arena. I’m not saying this is the general population of athletes and entertainers, but I think a lot of us struggle with the concept of having a god complex, thinking that we’re invincible and that we’re immortal in some ways, and when you start to come to grips with the reality of being mortal and knowing that this is all going to come to an end at some point, you start to see the world differently. Perspective changes. I’ve been going through that process for a number of years. It actually started my second year in the NFL, understanding that eventually there’s got to be a plan.”

Recently, Baldwin was a guest on the Seahawks Man 2 Man With Chris Kidd and Mike Dugar of The Athletic.

During their chat, Baldwin talked about wanting to face off against Jalen Ramsey when he was healthy.

“I wanted Jalen Ramsey, but I wanted him when I was younger and healthy. He’s a superior athlete and creates a challenge that not many defensive backs oppose, but I did not get him when I was at my best, unfortunately. Another lifetime though!” Said Baldwin.

Baldwin was an essential part of the Seattle Seahawks beating the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

As for Ramsey, he is now a part of the best defenses in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are currently second in the NFC West with a 7-3 record.

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Written by Landon Buford

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