Family First Community Center’s Director Of Ops Gary Barquet Talks Working With Doug Baldwin & Soft Center Opening

Courtesy of Gary Barquet

Former Seattle Seahawks legend Doug Baldwin and the Family First Community Center staff did a soft opening of their community center on Friday evening in Renton, Wa, allowing families to take pictures with former Seattle Seahawk KJ Wright and Jordan Babineaux.

Other individuals in attendance include several city council members. They also provided games, activities, and local youth groups such as Space United FC.

Family First’s mission is to serve our community with love, compassion, and dedication. The collective believes in treating each other as family, fostering a strong sense of belonging and support. They embrace a growth mindset encouraging us to face challenges, learn from them, and continuously improve ourselves. Leadership is fundamental to our organization, as they inspire others to lead with empathy, compassion, and positive influence.

While in attendance, was able to speak with Gary Barquet, who is the Director of Operations, who is one of the few that had the opportunity work closely with Doug Baldwin during this community project.

“I think we’re just excited to see the community center come to life and bring all the resources and the opportunities connect, putting the community at the level we have been waiting for. We have been putting in a lot of work as a team as far as the team, and all the things we have been doing to make this place come alive, and we are excited to see the light come in. And fill it with the love we will deliver to the community,” said Barquet.

Barquet also spoke about why he decided that he wanted to be part of this project.

“This is the community that I love, I live a couple blocks away from the Family First Community Center, and I have been here for the last years in Renton. Secondly, my heart has been with the community my entire life. I went to school to work with youth specifically, but that ultimately boils down to working with people. I’m a people person through and through, so this is were my heart is at, and i’m blessed to be a part of it.”

He would finish the interview by sharing what it has been like to work closely with Super Bowl Champion Doug Baldwin.

“As I have gotten to know Doug [Baldwin] more, I’ve just learned that he is a phenomenal man. He is more than an athlete. He is a lot more than a former Seahawk,” Barquet shared.

Doug is a family man, a team-oriented player, and just the energy & culture that he has been persistent and wants to deliver, and he lives it every day. So, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Doug, and I’m blessed to get to know and work with him on a more personal level. He is the man he says he is and is a solid dude.”

Former Seattle Seahawks football player Doug Baldwin founded Family First Community Center. Which is a non-profit center is committed to empowering individuals and fostering strong community bonds. Drawing inspiration from Doug’s dedication to serving others, the center provides diverse programs and resources to promote personal growth and wellness and foster meaningful connections within the Renton, W,A community.

The community center will officially open on June 26th later this month.

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Written by Landon Buford

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