Marshawn Lynch Takes on New Role in Comedy Film Addressing LGBTQ+ Issues

Marshawn Lynch, celebrated for his illustrious football career, has ventured into new and unexpected territory by accepting a role in a comedy film that tackles LGBTQ+ themes. The film, titled “Bottoms,” revolves around queer high school girls launching a fight club, offering a unique and refreshing perspective on issues of identity and acceptance.

The decision to take on this role in “Bottoms” wasn’t solely driven by Marshawn Lynch’s interest in expanding his acting portfolio. Rather, it was influenced by a deep personal connection—his sister, Marreesha Sapp-Lynch, who identifies as a lesbian. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Marreesha Sapp-Lynch, 34, shed light on why her brother felt compelled to be a part of this project.

Sapp-Lynch revealed that from the moment Marshawn Lynch read the script, he recognized the story’s resonance with his sister’s experiences. She recalled, “From the beginning when he read the script, he said that I came to mind. I was like, ‘Most definitely you should do it.’ I just told him, ‘It’ll get you to understand, get more knowledge about the lesbian community.'”

Marreesha Sapp-Lynch’s journey of coming out in high school was met with varying reactions from her family members. While her mother was supportive and understanding, her brothers, including Marshawn Lynch, grappled with the revelation. “They were understanding, but they didn’t understand,” Sapp-Lynch explained to PEOPLE. “Marshawn had a lot of questions and was thinking it was his fault: ‘What did I do?’ Because growing up, he would always say I couldn’t have a boyfriend, ‘You can’t talk to boys.’ We’d go to a party, and he’d be asking everybody, ‘Did you dance with my sister?’ But I wasn’t attracted to boys, so I didn’t dance with them!”

For Marshawn Lynch, the film “Bottoms” represented not just an acting role but an opportunity for personal growth and redemption. Sapp-Lynch shared that her brother acknowledged he wasn’t initially fully supportive when she came out in high school, and he felt that his reactions were less than ideal.

“In his words, he said he wasn’t amazed about it when Marreesha came out in high school and that he felt like this was the universe giving him a chance to right his wrongs,” she explained. “He made it seem like that was really what was interesting him the most about it.”

Marshawn Lynch’s decision to take on a role in “Bottoms,” a comedy film addressing LGBTQ+ issues, goes beyond the realm of acting. It reflects his commitment to understanding, acceptance, and reconciliation within his family. As the former football player embarks on this new chapter in his career, he not only expands his acting horizons but also embraces an opportunity for personal growth and redemption, further illustrating the importance of open dialogue and acceptance within our communities.

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