pxzlation Begins Music Journey With Remarkable Single “MONSTER”

Embarking on a remarkable journey from gaming virtuoso to musical maestro, pxzlation, formerly known as JohnPee in the gaming community, unveils his debut single, “MONSTER”, marking a pivotal moment in his transition to the music industry. The release showcases the diverse talents of London-based pxzlation, who has captivated audiences worldwide with his gaming prowess and television appearances.

Boasting an impressive Twitch following of 20,000 under the username JohnPee, pxzlation has seamlessly traversed the realms of gaming excellence to carve a niche in the music scene. His engaging Twitch streams consistently attracted an average of 300 viewers, a testament to the strong community he has cultivated over the years.

pxzlation’s television presence has been equally noteworthy, with features on shows broadcasted in 30 different countries over four years. Notable programs such as This Week in Esports, Fortnightly and WTF TV Show have showcased his dynamic personality, establishing him as a main presenter.

pxzlation has now shifted gears as he pursues his fervent desire for global success in the music industry and a future filled with extensive touring. He plans to release two albums annually, confident in his ability to ascend to prominence within the industry.

pxzlation’s debut single, “MONSTER”, introduces audiences to his hyperpop sound, characterised by energetic beats, catchy flows and boppy rhythms. Speaking about the single, pxzlation shares, “It’s a track I wrote about cherishing the highs in life and feeling good around people whose company you enjoy, because life is full of lies and hurt. I talk about overcoming struggle with addiction, etc. ‘MONSTER’ is a song that I hope will allow people, for a few minutes, to forget about the struggles they are going through.”

Accompanying the debut single is an equally impressive music video directed by NYDUS, providing a visual feast that complements the lively energy of “MONSTER”. Additionally, a live video performance recorded at Brixton Jamm captures pxzlation’s electrifying stage presence.

With the release of “MONSTER”, pxzlation emerges as an exciting and innovative newcomer in the music industry. As he redefines the boundaries of creativity, 2024 promises to be a memorable year with much more music expected from this multifaceted artist. “MONSTER” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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