Power Book II: Ghost’s Becca Weston & Diana Tejada Are Roommates Following Brayden Being Expelled

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Power’s Tariq St. Patrick had always been a bit of a troublemaker, but he never thought it would lead to him being kicked out of his dorm room at Stansfield University. It all started when his roommate Brayden Weston was expelled for admitting to selling drugs through Course Correct, a platform that Tariq had helped him set up.

Brayden was expelled from Stansfield School, a prestigious institution that the Weston family had attended for generations. Robert Weston, Brayden’s father, was furious. He had worked hard to build up the family’s reputation, and Brayden’s behavior threatened to undo everything he had accomplished.

But Robert didn’t give up on his son. Instead, he came up with a plan. He knew that Brayden needed to learn responsibility and hard work, so he offered him a job at Weston Holdings, the family business. Robert believed that if Brayden worked hard and proved himself, he could restore the Weston name and regain his place at Stansfield.

At first, Brayden was resistant. He didn’t want to work for his father and he certainly didn’t want to spend his days in an office.

Meanwhile after being kicked out of his dorm, Tariq St. Patrick faces another challenge in his tumultuous life. With over 1000 alumni calling for his removal from campus and a lack of urgency from the school in finding him replacement housing, it seems Tariq’s troubles are far from over.

However, things turned out when former councilman and St. Patrick’s professor Rashad Tate intervened. He saw it as his duty to protect his students, especially in today’s climate, where law enforcement is often overzealous. So Rashad told Dean Wong to “cut the s**” and find Tariq housing. He even went as far as to threaten to use his political influence and say to his thousands of supporters at his next campaign rally about how Stansfield mistreats its young black men if Tariq was not taken care of. He then reminded St. Patrick that he owed him another favor.

After Tariq St. Patrick cleaned out his old dorm room, Becca Weston and Diana Tejada moved in and began their own journey at Stansfield University. As they settled into their new home, the two girls couldn’t help but be curious about each other’s backgrounds. They spent hours researching each other, digging through old social media posts and piecing together each other’s past.

Despite their newfound closeness, Becca and Diana agreed to keep their living situation a secret from their parents. They didn’t want to upset their families or cause unnecessary worry, especially since they were both determined to succeed in their studies and make their way in the world.

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