Power Actress’ Hailey Kilgore Reveals Her First Introduction To The Power Universe


This week on The Crew has it with Gianni Paolo and Michael Rainey Jr. their guest is Hailey Kilgore, who plays the younger Juke box in Raising Kanan.

So the crazy thing is I am the Anika Noni Rose fan [old school Joke Box], I want to be Princess Tiana when they do the live action. Like I’m obsessed with her Dream Girls. So, when she announced that she was on Power I was like all right let me check out this.

 So, I was like, oh 50 Cent, okay, cool, and I was like because she’s a princess like she’s this goddess this beauty, and to see her strip down playing a cop, a dirty cop was like okay. I was filming Respect when they were developing  Kanan, and I was telling my team I said I don’t. I was playing Super princess characters, and they were hopeless Romantics, and then all of them it was boring, and I wanted to play something intense and do something stripped down. [The original name for Young Jukebox was K live,” said Kilgore.

“That was the original name during the audition period] and I’m like reading the sides, and I remember calling my manager and being like this sound like jukebox, and he was like that’s who it is, and I got so excited. I was so hyped, and so I got I made it to final callbacks, and I was like.

I had to do a self-tape because I was filming in Atlanta. So, I had the self-tape, which I wouldn’t say I liked the self taste; I would rather go in the room. So I got to luckily, I got to kind of skip the process, and so my first read was with Rob, Sasha, and Bart, and not intimidating at all. But they were so amazing, and it was so fun to play and create, and about a week later, I got a call.”

She also revealed her reaction after getting the call, “I cried because I wanted something I had been waiting for, something that I could really sink my teeth into as an actor, and so the fact that I get the opportunity to be able to do that on a show that’s a cult classic is exciting.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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