London Brown Addresses Fans Saying Marvin Can’t Drive & Names Favorite Car In Raising Kanan


This week The Crew Has It with Gianni Paolo & Michael Rainey Jr will have London Brown, who plays Uncle Marvin Thomas on Raising Kanan. In the preview clip on Instagram, Brown talked about Marvin Thomas’s cars in season one and how they were destroyed in saving his brother and nephew.

“I felt that way because the whole big thing in season one people didn’t understand they were like Marvin, you can’t drive. You keep wrecking and crashing all these cars. This is one that we can chop up; people think Marvin was in a Costco parking lot just backing up and hitting cars. His nephew was about to get killed; look, when it comes to family, Marvin was moving. He didn’t care what happened to that car,” said Brown

“He is going to crash the car if it means saving his nephew and going to crash the car if it means saving his brother. It didn’t matter; people didn’t understand he wasn’t just driving and running into stuff. He was getting shot at, shooting back, and a lot was going on.”

He added, “We never saw Marvin on the bus, so getting another car was nothing. He went through four cars, one of which was an undercover hooptie. He went from a red Benz, blue a Benz, and a black Porsche.

During another interview, Brown named his favorite car that Marvin has been in thus far.

“At one point, there was a black Porsche that Marvin drove. This is after you wrecked both Benzes. I’ll do a quick episode drop. I think there’s like the episode, maybe episode nine or something, but anyway, towards the end, because I know, it was after the burn marks. I think it’s a black Porsche real quick scene one scene, it was a nice black Porsche, but I thought I said, man, I would like to own this car,” said Brown.

“But, the last hoopty that Marvin got busted in now that’s something I grew up, and was used to driving an old car. So, that car was it was old, but it still had cloth seats, and I was cool with that. But, the Porsche probably might was the one I would be like yo that was nice.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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