Phundo Art’s ‘Runnin’: A Raw and Groovy Story of Lockdown Life in South Africa

Phundo Art’s latest release, “Runnin,” offers a raw and groovy sound that reflects his experiences during the Covid lockdown in South Africa. The beat of this rap style is dark and heavy, and it has been compared to that of the rapper ‘Night Lovell.’ In this song, Phundo narrates his own story while telling that of a fugitive on the run that he knew at the time.

Phundo Art is a talented rapper and musician who grew up between two different cultures, and his lyrics offer insights into his life and manifestations. With his balance of raw aggression and soft emotions, Phundo doesn’t hold back in his storytelling. Having gained a solid fan base since recording music and playing shows around the UK from 2016 onwards, Phundo’s latest releases have received attention from radio stations and Spotify playlists.

“Runnin” is produced by Manchester-based producer ‘Prodbymattu,’ and it’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates raw and groovy beats mixed with heartfelt lyrics.

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