Pete Davidson Violates PETA’s ‘s Senior VP of Cruelty Investigations [Listen]

Pete Davidson, the well-known actor and comedian, was embroiled in a heated dispute with animal rights group PETA over his recent dog purchase. The tensions escalated when Pete left a profanity-laced voice message for PETA’s Senior VP of Cruelty Investigations, expressing his grief and frustration.

It all began when PETA publicly criticized Pete for buying a puppy from a pet store instead of adopting from a shelter. In response, Pete fired back, leaving an angry voice message for Daphna Nachminovitch, the spokesperson who had issued the statement. He defended his decision, explaining that he is allergic to dogs and needed a hypoallergenic breed like the cavapoo, which doesn’t shed. Furthermore, he revealed that he had purchased the dog for his grieving mother, who had recently lost her beloved pet.

In the emotional voice message, Pete’s grief-fueled anger spilled over, leading to a string of expletives and vulgar language. PETA, however, stood their ground, stating that if Pete had done his research, he would have known that hypoallergenic dogs don’t truly exist and that there are plenty of purebred dogs available for adoption. They urged him to consider adopting from a shelter in the future.

When contacted about the voice message, Pete admitted that he was unaware of the option to adopt a specific hypoallergenic dog. He explained that he was under the impression that it was rare or not possible. Pete also emphasized the emotional turmoil his family was going through after his mother’s dog passed away, and how he wanted to bring some joy back into their lives.

While Pete acknowledged that his choice of words in the voice message was regrettable, he stood by his decision to defend himself and his family. He expressed his disappointment in PETA for publicly shaming them during a difficult time. Prior to his explanation, PETA had extended condolences to the Davidson family but maintained their stance that there is no excuse for supporting the puppy mill industry when there are countless dogs in shelters waiting for homes.

The feud between Pete Davidson and PETA serves as a reminder of the ongoing debate surrounding pet adoption and responsible pet ownership. It highlights the emotional attachment people have to their pets and the complexity of these issues. Hopefully, this incident prompts further discussions and efforts to raise awareness about adopting shelter animals and making informed choices when it comes to pet ownership.

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Written by Cesar

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