Patrina Miller Says Her Role As “The Witch’ In ‘Into The Woods’ Is Her Favorite Because Of Where She Is In Her Life


Patrina Miller was on Instagram Live on Friday afternoon with Brooke Ishibashi, Alysia Velez, and Aymee Garcia, celebrating the album release for their project ‘Into The Woods.’

During the conversation, Miller revealed that her role as ‘The Witch’ in ‘Into The Woods is her favorite because of where she is now.

Brooke Ishibashi shared Miller’s interpretation of ‘ The Witch,’ people are now going to be imitating her and doing every that she did.

“It means a lot to me. Y’all know it is the dream to come in and interpret it in your own way and to have the freedom and the cast that have is so open and willing to go there. And working with Rob Berman and our incredible team like, we were just about to go there Leer is everything. I don’t know what to say; I still don’t have the words, but boy, is it a special day,” said Miller.

“This is my third, I have been on some concept stuff, but this is my third casting album. And dare I say, my fav? I hate to say that I shouldn’t say. It is going to be very controversial in the comments. I think about where I am in my life. I think about my life journey; I think about being a mother, being older, and having a lot of life experiences. This role, this show, is my favorite because of where I am now, it’s true. It has been so thrilling, and I guess you can say it’s cathartic to be on stage and sing this material at this moment. So, yeah, I’m going to say it.”

As Miller said, there will be some controversy after those comments because she has killed roles such as Raquel Thomas in Raising Kanan through almost two seasons and her role as Daisy Grant in Madam Secretary for five seasons.

You watch Miller every Sunday at 8pm EST in Raising Kanan on Starz, and her upcoming project Into the Woods.

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Written by Landon Buford


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