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P.M. Dawn Member K-R.O.K. The Producer Announces He’s Suing Doc G Ahead Of Unsung Release Next Month [Watch]

Courtesy of K-R.O.K The Producer

Earlier this month, TV One premiered the twelfth season of its hit television series ‘UnSung,’ which opened up featuring the 90s R&B group, Soul For Real.

If you are not familiar with the group, Soul For Real, brothers Jase, Brian, Dre, and Choc — officially released their 1995 debut album Candy Rain via Uptown Records. Five months after its release, the album received platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in August 1995.

Though Candy Rain was a hit, including the gold sold singles mentioned above, their second album, For Life, was not welcome in the same way. Their third album, Heat, was released independently in 1999, also lacked commercial success.

Although the group has been around for almost 30 years, they have been reticent about their story. That all changed when they released their Unsung docuseries with TV ONE. Another group featured this season will be the legendary 90s group, P.M. Dawn.

The group was formed in 1988 by the brother Prince Be (Attrell Cordes) and DJ Minutemix (Jarrett Cordes) in Jersey City, New Jersey.

After recording their first single “Ode to a Forget Mind” in 1988, P.M. Dawn released her inaugural album Of the Heart, of the Soul and the Cross: The Utopian Experience in 1991. Thanks to its single “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss,” it achieved commercial success. The 1993 follow-up to The Bliss Album…? (Vibrations of Love and Anger and the Ponderance of Life and Existence) was also hailed with criticism featured the singles “I’d Die Without You” and “Looking Through Patient Eyes.” P.M. Dawn continued to get great reviews with their subsequent albums Jesus Wept (1995) and Dearest Christian. I’m So Very Sorry for Bringing You Here. Love, Dad (1998), which sold badly.

P.M. Dawn would then release an album called “The Best of P.M. Dawn” two years later. Five years after, they would add the codes brothers’ paternal first cousin, Gregory Lewis Carr II (Doc G), according to the Washington Post.

On April 6, 2018, Doc G announced K-R.O.K. The Producer as a new member of P.M. Dawn. The Unsung episode is slated to premiere next month on April 3, 2022, but before the episode premieres on TV ONE, K-R.O.K. announced that he is suing Doc G.

He made the announcement via his Instagram page.

“You guys watch Unsung nothing but love for the TV ONE staff and the Unsung staff. Shout out to my bro Jarrett [Cordes]. No matter what dude, I love you and I’m not going to say the other guy’s name [Doc G] because I am suing the f*** out of him right now. Shout out to Prince Be’s kids, his widowed wife, and the Cordes family much love to you. Hope everybody finds closure throughout this whole thing, but for K-R.O.K it’s a new chapter. P.M. Dawn for every, this is a K-R.O.K chapter.”

Like K-R.O.K said make sure you check out Unsung on TV ONE on April 3rd.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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