NBA Champion Shawn Marion Has A Strong Message For Critics Bashing His Shot, “S*** My D***”

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NBA champion Shawn Marion is one of the best two-way players in NBA history. In his 15 years in the league, he was asked to guard the opposing team’s best player and score on the other end.

He has also been known for the awkward shot. However, he hit shots at 33.1 percent from three and 48.4 percent from the field.

Marion was on Twitter Spaces ‘ Who Would’ve been the GOAT If they had more help’ Hosted by Joy De’Angela and Gowie. Marion went on a rant addressing his critics who have been who have made fun of his shot mechanics.

“That’s the one thing that they did to me. Talk about my motherf****ing shot, but nobody in the league shoots the same. I’m shooting 35-40 percent from the three-point line at one point in my career,” said Marion.

“I was a very consistent jump shooter, so you are going to sit there and talk about my motherf**** shot, but don’t want to talk about ever things I did on the floor. Get the f*** of here s*** my d***. Like seriously, I’m averaging 2o plus points and ten a game a 6’7 in a league that is dominated by bigs. Dominated by power forwards and centers and I’m getting two blocks, and I’m getting two-plus steals per game. And you want to sit there and talk about my motherf***ing shot nobody in the league shoot the same. Really? Look, I’m top five you go back, who got the number one winning percentage in Phoenix Suns history? N*** me! I’m top five in almost every category in Phoenix Suns’ history.”

Shawn Marion’s full rant is located below.

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Written by Landon Buford

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