OG Ron C & DJ Candle Stick Working With Barry Jenkins & OG Ron Retiring At The End Of The Year!

OG Ron C is a record producer, radio personality,  and DJ, who is currently signed to OVO Sound and is also an on-air DJ for KQBT 93.7 The Beat.  He is the possessor of the Houston-based urban music online radio station ChopNotSlop Radio, former DJ of Southern rappers Chamillionaire and Slim Thug. Along with Michael 5000 Watts, he co-founded Swishahouse Records and helped jump-start the careers of Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall and Mike Jones. The leader and founder of The Chopstars.

He is mostly recognized for his faction (Fuck Action) Series Mixtape which features R&B songs Chopped and Screwed and to date has over 4,200 Mixtapes and albums, both at regular speed and chopped and screwed speed. He has sold over 22,000,000 mixtapes and albums to date. He also is the founder of Chopnotslop Radio a 24-hour “Screwed” Radio station dedicated to DJ Screw.

In 1997, Ron C and Watts opened the teen club called The All-Star.  Freestyle contest to help showcase Houston’s talented artist like Chamillionaire, Slim Thug and Paul Wall attended these contests regularly.  After impressing Ron C and Watts they were bidden to join The Swishahouse.  In 1999 Ron C. left radio to publish the independent Swishahouse album entitled “The Day Hell Broke Loose” with his co-CEO Mike Watts. The album would go on to sell 100,000 copies and become a Houston classic.

This same year people set about calling him an OG Ron C, and he said on a mixtape “for now on don’t call me Ron C, call me OG RON C”. The next year Ron signed a deal with head KBXX 97.9 DJ Madd Hatta’s label Paid-n-Full Records to drop “Southern’s Finest” which sold 40,000 copies and featured the hit single “N Luv Wit My Money” by Chamillionaire and Paul Wall.  In the early portion of the century, Ron C and Watts decided to part ways as business partners, and OG Ron C left the label he helps create, Swishahouse.

After leaving Swishahouse OG Ron C continued to make his critically acclaimed F-ck Action Series composed of screwed & chopped R&B songs. He was also nominated for 4 Justo Awards (the Grammy of DJ awards) and proceeded on to win 2 guests for “Best Dirty South Mixtape DJ” in 2004 & 2005.

Also In 2004, OG Ron C became the official DJ for platinum selling Universal artist Chamillionaire, he doubled as his show DJ and recorded off his skills as a Chamillionaire’s exclusive mixtape DJ. For Chamillitary Mixtapes.  In 2005, he experienced his first Southern Entertainment award for the best screwed and chopped CD.  He also published two independent albums entitled “Real Recognize Real” with his Brother Wood which sold over 20,000 and “Diamonds and Tattoos” with local artist Tow Down which sold over 20,000.

OG Ron C started a website called CHOPNOTSLOP.COM, which he dedicated to keeping DJ Screw music alive. On the website, he also has the world’s first 24 Hour Screwed (music) Up Radio Station Chopnotslop Radio. Being that he is such a major influence on other DJs he started The Chopstars to help up and coming Chopped and Screwed DJs. He started with DJ Lil Steve, who has been his protégé since 2005. In 2008, he met and brought on DJ Candlestick. 

DJ Candlestick, is an American record producer, radio personality, and DJ. He is a member of The Chopstars of the ChopNotSlop subgenre, an on-air personality for KQBT 93.7 The Beat Houston, The Choice 90.9 KTSU and DJ for The Nice Guys. He is the DJ behind Chop Care as good as many other ChopNotSlop Mixtapes.

The Hype Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with both artists to discuss their upcoming project “More Chop”, ChopNotSlop App, they will be opening their Chopped N Screwed stores on the Northside and Southside of Houston, and OG Ron C will be retiring in December.  The full interview can be seen below.

Being that you are one of the Pioneers of Houston Hip hop looking back on your career to this point, would you change anything if you could start over?

If I could start all over I would say changing my business sense and being more business savvy.

You are getting ready to release “MoreChops” can you tells us what we can expect from this project?

The fans can expect the same type of energy that comes with a Drake project because his platform is the biggest in the game right now and we like to put all four of our feet into those projects.  To be honest we as artists right there working with him don’t know what to expect because we get into the zone and the better the music, the better creative for the project.

Drake throughout his whole career has talked about how H-Town is his second home. Have you guys discussed possibly releasing a joint crossover album with nothing but original content?

There have been discussions about it in the past, but it really depends on what his schedule will allow him to take on as an artist. You must remember a full project takes time and the time hasn’t been in the cards.

We are still grateful that we are his Chop N Screw DJs. We can’t wait until the album comes every year. He also provides us unreleased material to work with for each project.

When an artist or a DJ decides not to release a body of work does the timing have something to do with it?

OG Ron: I don’t know why projects don’t come out on the artist side of things, but once they are done with the projects they want to become the A&Rs, DJs, and they get in their feelings and choose not to release the song. It normally takes someone in their camp to tell them to release the song and it ends up becoming a hit project. This even happens with us with the mixtape projects.

Do you look to hire A&R with your Label and do think it is a dying position?

OG RON: In my opinion DJ have always been the best A&R because they always have their ears to the streets. We know how to choose the music and show why it’s going to work. The music that is being released is today might not be for everyone, but with our attention span diminishing you must find the audience that enjoys that music.

For example, when I first started managing Riff Raff, I couldn’t give away his music to the DJs because they would not play it, but by being able to find the right audience is how Rif Raff if not one of the or the highest paid artist in Houston as far as show and probably the richest.

What inspired you both to make the tribute gesture to Oscar Award Winning Director Barry Jenkins with Purple Moonlight?

DJ Candle Stick:  It was a collaborative effort that happens totally by chance he was following me and he tweeted me about the Beyoncé and Solange project that we did and fans were suggesting topics and at first I recognized him but I didn’t who he was at the time and friend of mine made aware of who I was talking to and things took off from there.

Would you be interested in releasing the second version of that project?

DJ Candle Stick: That would be dope… We been in contact with each other and have discussed future projects.

DJ Candlestick you have been very instrument throughout these projects, what has been your personal inspiration to continue help produce great music content?

DJ Candle Stick: The support and the feedback from the fans of the movement. I would also say, the random collaborations and the opportunity to meet different artists, for instance, Little Dragon, and Adult Swim” this is just a product of what we do. We had the opportunity to work with Barry Jenkins on the soundtrack right before he won the Oscar award. We are trying to keep Screw’s Legacy alive.

OG RON: The Chop N Screwed scene was dead after DJ Drama got busted there wasn’t anywhere to get the mixtape because the mom and papas stores weren’t around. The Internet is not what it is now eight years ago and where are not afraid to say Drake brought the movement back.  I can also say the younger generation like Lil Yachty, Gifted Gab, and others that have embraced the culture. In fact, when he releases his double album with a Chop N Screw will be the first on iTunes.

Can you tell us about the new app that you have recently launched?

Chop Not Slop App we wanted to create a space where the fans could go to listen to all the projects in one place. We just got tired of sites taking down the projects and with this app this allows fans to get the music they love.  We are about to open Chop store where you can get all your favorite Michael Watts, Ron C and The Chopstars in it on the North and South Side.  In fact, we are going to get More Chop pressed up on Vinyl and all our major hits on Vinyl.

What are other events that we should be aware of headed into the rest of 2017?

DJ Candle Stick: Houston Charity Basketball Event in September and we just partnered with a Chop N Screw distributor by name of ChopCloud. They hired the top craftsman of the craft DJ Candlestick, DJ Michael Watts, myself and Mainly TheChopstars and they are allowing to get your song Chopped N Screwed by us for free and the DJ and artist will split the revenue share from the streams.

Ron being that you are highly-respected influencers in the game. What do you look for when you are looking to add employees to your company?

We are always looking to add interns to our company this allows us to help grow them as individuals as well.  We have always had interns around us throughout our whole career and there has been several who have graduated and are currently working for us now. If want to catch my attention you must push the music from your area if you are not doing that it won’t work out.  I’m all for the independent movement.  The second thing is can you Chop N Screw, but the main things are representing your area. When it comes to the Chop N Screw game you either join us or you will lay down, because you are not getting passed us.

Swisha House recently reunited at SXSW to put on a free concert is there any plans to drop a new project and including Chamillionaire in the future?

OG RON:  We are planning some big things happening with the Swisha House Reunion as far as Television Shows, A movie and it will not be a Bio-Pic we will be doing a full movie. We are just trying to get our pitch right we start approaching directors, but Barry Jenkins is on are radar and it the stars aligns that would be a dope opportunity.  We have been working on this project for the last five years, so we have a lot of things in the works just stay tuned.  We are also trying to figure some other end of the year events because as of  December 31st,

We have been working on this project for the last five years, so we have a lot of things in the works just stay tuned.  We are also trying to figure some other end of the year events because as of  December 31st,2017, I will be retiring and won’t be making anymore hosting appearances.

What do you think still separates H-town Hip-hop apart from other cities in the industry?

OG RON: Houston separates itself not just as the way we move music out here, but we take that some mindset and apply it to all our businesses around the city there are some many restaurants, food trucks, it is just a great opportunity for small business owners to proper.

We have always been able to master the art of independence because we never had access to the major machine that other cities have had. Even in the early 80s and 90s, there were label hub offices around Dallas, but that was to work their records in the Southwest Region.  If they were looking to sign talent in the surrounding areas we would have had more UGK and Pimp C deals.

DJ Candle Stick: By the major labels ignoring us we made money we wanted too and the beautiful thing about we don’t have to give them a percentage.  There is an opportunity to this A life and that’s Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. It is called the A life because we get a lot of money right here and don’t have to go too far.

What would be the advice you would give other areas not receiving the attention from these majors?

Other best advice is that everything is a grind it not going to be easy, but you must go see where your fans are and you cannot take no for answer. It can be done, wish I could say this was easy, but then I would be lying to you. I remember sitting at home thinking to myself how are we going to convince parents in these suburban areas to let their children listen to something is promoting weed.  We had to finesse it at first it was called Swisher House and then it was later changed to Swisha House and take the weed plants off the logo.

I remember sitting at home thinking to myself how are we going to convince parents in these suburban areas to let their children listen to something is promoting weed.  We had to finesse it at first it was called Swisher House and then it was later changed to Swisha House and take the weed plants off the logo.

We had to finesse it at first, for example, it was called Swisher House and then it was later changed to Swisha House and taking the weed plants off the logo.

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