Mimi Faust, Yahné Coleman, And J Crew React To Diddy’s Run In With Power Star Michael J. Ferguson

Diddy was disguised as Heath Ledger Joker for Halloween when he had a heat altercation with the actor “Power” Michael J. Ferguson.

The boss of Bad Boy Records entered the character with a strangely accurate depiction of the super-villain, imitating his deranged manners to a tee. His imitation impressed Tyler, the Creator, who was accosted by Diddy and false carjacked in the middle of the street.
However, Diddy’s Halloween game with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson left curious people wondering where Diddy ended up, and Joker began. A video of their animated discussion began circulating on social media on Sunday night.

The video starts with Diddy facing the actor, his back to the camera. Diddy starts laughing hysterically in Joker, which leads viewers to assume that the rapper is playing a part. However, the situation soon takes a decisive turn because it becomes obvious that Diddy was serious.

“Don’t touch me,” Ferguson warns Diddy, who replies, “You’re a clown,” still laughing wildly. “What’s up? Baby? What’s up, you don’t like me?” Diddy asks

After that, Diddy seems to quickly drop the act, “Then muthaf***ing get to it, n,” he raged. “If you don’t like me, you muthaf***ing frontin’. Get to it b*****. Don’t f***ing play with me on Halloween. I’m out here with love.”

However, Power’s actor stood firm, telling Puff, “What up then?” Their respective entourages become involved, and the pair exchange a few more words before Diddy asks Ferguson, “Do you know who I am?”  

However, it seems that Diddy was prepared to defuse the situation at this stage.

“Come here and give me a hug,” he said to Ferguson. 

“You lucky though,” Diddy stated as the pair dapped it up before adding, “I’m really about that.”

He added, “I love you.” The pair concluded their altercation as Puff flung his arms around Ferguson, ending the matter. “We stronger together,” Diddy said before inviting the actor to his Halloween afterparty to “change your vibration.”

After seeing the video Hollywood Unlocked IG page, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust said, “Where’s the Love.”

“I went through so many emotions watching this,” Yahné Coleman said.

And J Cruz simply wrote, “Jealousy>’

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