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Aubrey O’Day Sounds Off-On Diddy Releasing Artists’ Publishing, “Don’t Take This Deal”

Sean “Diddy” Combs, the music mogul and founder of Bad Boy Records, recently made headlines by announcing his decision to reassign publishing rights to some of the artists associated with his iconic label. This move has sparked both praise and controversy within the music industry, as artists like Biggie, Ma$e, The LOX, and others are in the process of regaining control over their creative works.

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Diddy shed light on the motivation behind his decision to reassign publishing rights. He explained that this change came after a period of self-reflection and was triggered, in part, by his own criticisms of the Grammy Awards. “Once you start asking for change in this world,” he stated, “you have to look within and be a part of that change.”

Diddy emphasized that the reassignment of publishing rights was a part of his personal evolution as a businessman and advocate for change. “This actually was done two years ago,” he revealed, highlighting his commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

However, not all reactions to Diddy’s announcement have been positive. Aubrey O’Day, a former member of Danity Kane and an artist associated with Bad Boy Records, provided her perspective during an appearance on the Only Stans podcast. According to O’Day, the deal offered to some of Diddy’s artists may not be as favorable as it seems.

She disclosed that the offer she received a few months ago would only allow her to receive a portion of the earnings generated after Sony purchased the catalog. O’Day explained that for several years of streaming revenue, her share amounted to approximately $800-$900.

O’Day also outlined certain conditions that artists are allegedly required to meet to regain their publishing rights. These conditions reportedly include releasing Diddy from any prior claims or actions, signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that prevents them from publicly disparaging Diddy, Bad Boy, Janice Combs, Justin Combs’ music, or EMI, and Sony.

“I have to release him for any claims or wrongdoings or actions prior to the date of the release,” she described. “I have to sign an NDA that I will never disparage Puff, Bad Boy, Janice Combs or Justin Combs’ music, or EMI, or Sony ever in public.” 

Diddy’s decision to reassign publishing rights has ignited a debate within the music industry and among fans. While some applaud his efforts to empower artists and rectify past issues, others are skeptical of the terms and conditions attached to these agreements.

The question of whether this move truly serves the best interests of the artists involved remains a topic of discussion. As the situation unfolds, it is clear that the debate surrounding publishing rights and artist empowerment in the music industry will continue to be a significant point of contention.

Diddy’s decision to reassign publishing rights to Bad Boy artists has brought to light the complex and often contentious relationship between artists and record labels. While his intentions to be a force for change and empower artists are commendable, the terms and conditions of these agreements have sparked debate and scrutiny.

As artists like Aubrey O’Day voice their concerns and share their experiences, it is evident that the conversation about artist rights, fair compensation, and creative control will persist. Diddy’s move may mark a step towards change in the music industry, but the road ahead is filled with challenges and discussions that are vital for the future of artists and their work.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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