LaToya Tonodeo Reveals Dinner Scene In Power Book II: Ghost Ep.8 Took Two Days To Film [Watch]

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In episode eight of Power Book II: Ghost, everything hit the fan at the end of the episode when Diana Tejada revealed that Cane switched the product with sugar.

She also revealed that her mother’s Monet was hooking up with Dante, aka Mecca, and then shared that Zeke was not her nephew but her son, born in 1999.

This week’s Instagram Live Q& A session with Courtney Kemp revealed that Diana Tejada originally didn’t spill any tea. Still, it was triggered after Monet told the family that she knew Diana slept with Tariq St. Patrick.

“Monet triggered it. However, Monet did have an option, and you guys know I love to do this. I love to make people be their own biggest enemy,” said Kemp.

“Diana comes to see Monet earlier in the episode before Monet and Lorenzo go to Coney Island. She says, mom, I need to talk to you, and if you guys remember, Monet is like, what little girl? What? So, Diana gives up and goes away; that was her opportunity to have the conversation privately.”

She would also add that the dinner scene was one of her favorite Power Scenes of all time.

Later in the Live, Kemp tapped in with LaToya Tonodeo, who plays Diana Tejada, and asked her about her week after the big dinner scene.

“Crazy! First of all, we don’t play. The internet don’t play because of those memes; I have been a buff basketball player, Maury giving out DNA results, like the ether beat,” said Tonodeo.

“I’m like this is crazy, but I’m enjoying it. It’s fun and funny because they keep me laughing.”

Then Kemp asked Tonodeo if she had seen the growth of Diana from season one as she watched the playback of season two.

“Oh my God, yes. The growth from season one up until now, she has matured, she has elevated, she has gotten a little bit more edger, swagger. I love Diana, she is using her voice forsho clearly because she said it all.”

She shared what it felt like to film that scene as well, “We shot it over two days Shana [Stein] was not playing. There was this one part that people don’t know, originally when we did our coverage Mary J. Blige [Monet Tejada] was actually seated. So, when they went to her coverage, she decided to lunge, she told Woody McClain [Cane Tejada], yeah, I’m going to lunge at her, I had no idea. So, when she jolted up and at me.”

“Let me tell you, I was really low-key nervous. I was like whoa and went towards my dad to save me. She threw the napkin and y’all didn’t catch it visually, it went on my face and I was trying to move it. It was the most fun, we literally feed off each other we weren’t playing. Every single person in that room brought it the energy, it was literally the nuclear dinner. Like it was written in our arc, the nuclear dinner. It was the best I love that scene.”

With two episodes left in season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost, you can catch them on Starz at 8 pm EST on Sunday nights or stream on the Starz app.

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Written by Landon Buford

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