Knicks’ Fan Gary Vee Sounds Off-On Interaction With Lakers’ Russell Westbrook [Watch]

It’s still in Russell Westbrook’s DNA to address his enemies to their faces.

This was the case on Tuesday night during the Lakers and Knicks game when media magnate Gary Vaynerchuck was sitting in court at Madison Square Garden, it looks like he’s beginning to argue with Russ.

Early in the second quarter, with the Lakers up 29-24, Westbrook seemed furious with a ventilator in the front row, only for the broadcast cameras to show Gary Vee himself caught in an argument with Westbrook.

Vee, the guy known for his motivational speeches and mysteriously earning millions of dollars through advisory companies, Russ shrugged and responded on Twitter, likely after discovering that the video was circulated on social media.

Given how the media likes to jump on Westbrook, it was not surprising that he assumed bad faith.

Vaynerchuck said his friend, who was not seen in the original video, had complimented Westbrook on an outboard draw Russ had scored in the first quarter. Apparently, Westbrook walked by to “ask for clarification” after grasping the “wonderful compliment” of Gary Vee’s friend.

“It’s all love, go Knicks,” Vaynerchuck said in the video.

Speaking of Russell, he recently wiped his Instagram clean of all his picture a head of the trade deadline next week.

The Los Angeles Lakers would go on to beat the New York Knicks in overtime 129-123.

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Written by KrispyLakersNation

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