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Jason Kidd React To Former Teammate Carmelo Anthony Retiring After 19 Years In The NBA

Carmelo Anthony’s retirement from the NBA after an illustrious 19-year career has sent shockwaves throughout basketball. As fans, fellow players, and coaches reflect on his impact, it’s clear that Melo’s journey transcends the game. One of those reflecting on his extraordinary career is NBA legend and current Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd.

Kidd recently shared his thoughts on Carmelo Anthony’s retirement, emphasizing not only his on-court achievements but also his character as a person.

“Incredible what Melo, you know, the run, the journey to come from Syracuse to do the things he did early in his career,” Kidd remarked. Indeed, Carmelo Anthony’s story is a testament to hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of greatness. From his college days at Syracuse, where he led the Orange to an NCAA championship, to his entrance into the NBA, Melo showcased his scoring prowess and basketball IQ.

The 2003 NBA Draft, which included the likes of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, will always be remembered as one of the most legendary draft classes in history. Jason Kidd acknowledged this, calling it “a heck of a draft.” Carmelo Anthony’s selection as the third overall pick was just the beginning of a journey that would make him one of the game’s most prolific scorers.

Kidd also highlighted the milestones in Melo’s career, saying, “he had success in Denver and New York.” Anthony’s stints with the Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks solidified his status as a scoring machine. He won a scoring title and earned multiple All-Star selections during his time with these teams, demonstrating his ability to compete at the highest level.

Carmelo Anthony’s scoring prowess has always set him apart. Kidd recognized this when he commented, “He can score with the best of them.” Melo’s ability to put the ball in the basket in a variety of ways made him a nightmare for opposing defenders. His silky-smooth jump shot, post-up moves, and scoring versatility will forever be etched in the annals of NBA history.

However, Carmelo Anthony’s legacy extends beyond the hardwood. Jason Kidd emphasized that he should be a “first-ballot Hall of Famer.” The Hall of Fame is the ultimate recognition of a player’s contributions to the sport, and there’s no doubt that Melo has earned his place among the game’s all-time greats.

But for Jason Kidd, the admiration for Carmelo goes beyond basketball. “But it’s not just that he’s a great person off the floor for anybody who really knows who Melo is.” Melo’s character off the court has consistently shone through. He’s known for his philanthropic work, community engagement, and his willingness to use his platform for social change.

Kidd further highlighted Carmelo’s genuine care for others. “He cares about you,” Kidd remarked. This attribute, combined with his basketball skills, has endeared Carmelo Anthony to fans and fellow players alike. Melo’s impact extends beyond his teammates; he’s a mentor, a leader, and a friend to many.

As an ex-teammate of Carmelo Anthony during their time together with the New York Knicks, Jason Kidd had the privilege of seeing Melo up close both on and off the floor. Kidd summed up his thoughts by saying, “I got lucky to see one of the best to ever do it.”

Carmelo Anthony’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to grow even in retirement. His impact on the game of basketball and his influence in communities around the world are testaments to his greatness. As the basketball world celebrates his remarkable career and the person he is, one thing is certain: Carmelo Anthony will forever be remembered as one of the best to ever do it, not just on the basketball court but in life.

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Written by Landon Buford

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