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Kevin De Bruyne: From Assists on the Pitch to Rumors of Songwriting with Drake

Renowned for his impeccable passing abilities on the soccer field, Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City’s midfield maestro, found himself in an unexpected spotlight off the pitch recently. Speculation arose linking him as a co-writer on rapper Drake’s latest track “Wick Man,” part of the surprise EP release ‘Scary Hours 3’. The coincidence sparked a flurry of social media buzz, with fans marveling at the footballer’s potential for songwriting, further solidifying his multi-talented reputation.

De Bruyne, often celebrated as one of the finest playmakers in football, had to take to social media to clear the air and quell the rising speculation. Amid the excitement surrounding ‘K. De Bruyne’ being credited on Drake’s track, the midfielder humorously addressed the situation, suggesting on a popular radio show that Drake “needed an assist.” He further fueled the humor by sharing a snapshot alongside the rapper, indicating a connection to the musician before debunking the claims in a subsequent post.

Setting the record straight, De Bruyne clarified, “All jokes aside, it’s not me! Huge fan though!” The footballer’s response showcased his good-natured approach to the amusing mix-up while affirming his admiration for Drake’s work.

Taking to Instagram, De Bruyne echoed his sentiments, prompting a light-hearted comment from City teammate Erling Haaland, playfully suggesting that De Bruyne’s absence from the squad this season due to injury was a testament to his non-involvement in songwriting.

Despite the rumors circulating about his musical endeavors, De Bruyne’s focus remains on his recovery from injury. His absence from City’s lineup has been felt, particularly by Haaland, with whom De Bruyne shared an impressive on-field partnership, contributing eight assists to the Norwegian striker in the previous Premier League season.

De Bruyne’s legacy on the pitch is undeniably impressive, tallying an astounding 153 assists for Manchester City, with 102 in the Premier League alone, securing him the fourth-highest tally in the league’s history. His 18 assists in the previous season not only earned him accolades but also substantiated his prowess as a playmaker, clinching his third playmaker award since joining City in 2015.

While his exceptional passing skills continue to dazzle football fans worldwide, the brief, albeit amusing, detour into the world of music serves as a testament to De Bruyne’s versatility and the playful charm that has endeared him to supporters beyond the soccer pitch.

As De Bruyne remains focused on his recovery, fans eagerly anticipate his return to action, where he will undoubtedly resume his role as a pivotal figure for Manchester City, orchestrating play and delivering assists in the manner that has defined his illustrious career.

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