K Camp – Cranberry Juice

Atlanta based artist K Camp releases his newest single “Cranberry Juice” The single begins with K Camp describing how he ran up a check and not looking back on what he had purchased. K Camp decides to let it be known that if you are not approaching with a paid opportunity then please reframe from reaching out him. Later in the track, he speaks on how he has put the north side of his on his back while dropping hints about someone that he been seeing in her feelings and he cannot get attached. Coming from a background that mold him into the person he is today he had to learn adapted at a very young age.

K Camp would later go on describe the type of personality needed to survive where he is from and it not for the weak at heart. In addition, the ladies are not going to want to be around if you cannot provide and bring something to the table. You have to keep hustling for what you want and what you believe in. Nothing that you really want to achieve is ever really going to come easy. K Camp is not worried about his competition because he is really out here grinding and putting in the work to achieve his goals.

According to K Camp, you have only two option you can hustle and get rich or you can be lazy and broke. You choose which side of the aisle you want to be on. Just know he is planning on doing everything in his power to make sure he is always successful and never plans on losing. You can stream K Camp’s newest single “Cranberry Juice”  below and make sure you follow him on all his social handles below as well.


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Written by Landon Buford

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