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Jennifer Williams Discusses New ‘BBWLA’ Cast Member Brittany Renner: Controversy and Candid Conversation

The drama-packed world of Basketball Wives Los Angeles (BBWLA) is no stranger to welcoming new faces to its roster of fiery and fabulous women. This time around, the newest addition to the cast, Brittany Renner, has brought a whirlwind of controversy and candid conversations with her. On Angela Yee’s radio show, ‘@wayupwithyee,’ Jennifer Williams, a familiar face on BBWLA, shared her thoughts on the latest cast member, and her comments did not disappoint.

Jennifer Williams kicked off the conversation by revealing that she hadn’t had much one-on-one interaction with Brittany Renner while filming the new season of BBWLA. However, it’s clear that Renner’s online presence and her viral moments have left an impression on Williams. She candidly stated, “I didn’t film too much with Brittany. I filmed with her in group settings, but I had no one-on-one [scenes] with her. I didn’t really know her story. I heard things here and there, and at first, I was like, ‘Mmm. No, she’s not my cup of tea.'”

Williams’ initial reservations about Renner were not uncommon, given the online persona Renner has cultivated over the years. However, as Williams learned Renner’s story a bit more, her perspective shifted. “Okay, maybe she’s just misguided,” Williams explained, reflecting on her evolving understanding of Renner.

During the radio interview, Angela Yee inquired about whether Jennifer Williams was “embarrassed” by Renner’s recent interviews and Renner’s willingness to discuss her unconventional experiences candidly. Williams admitted to feeling a level of embarrassment, which was not about Renner owning her actions but rather about the content she was openly sharing.

While acknowledging that Renner fully embraces her life experiences and “frowned upon” moments, Williams questioned some of the choices Renner has made in her interviews. She voiced her concerns, saying, “She owns it, but I’m just like, ‘Okay, why do you go on this podcast and talk about you slept with three men in one day, and got a yeast infection?'”

Williams offered some friendly advice to the newest BBWLA cast member, suggesting that some aspects of life should be kept private. She added, “You should kind of take some things to the grave. For me, I was just like, ‘Woah! Keep that close to the chest!'”

Rapper Maino, who was present during the radio show, decided to play the devil’s advocate and offered a different perspective. He suggested that Brittany Renner might choose to discuss her “not-so-great” moments as a form of therapy, a way to release her truths and experiences. In a surprising turn of events, Maino even admitted to having had similar experiences, having slept with three women in one day, taking it a step further than Renner.

The candid conversation between Jennifer Williams and Angela Yee shed light on the controversial newcomer Brittany Renner and her unapologetic approach to discussing her life experiences. While Williams expressed initial reservations about Renner’s open discussions, it’s clear that Renner’s authenticity and her willingness to own her story have garnered both intrigue and criticism. As the new season of BBWLA unfolds, viewers can anticipate plenty of drama, candid conversations, and, undoubtedly, more fiery moments from the women who bring the show to life.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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