Basketball Wives Reality Star Jennifer Williams Sends Strong Message To Jackie Christie [Watch]

In recent news, former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams has expressed her dissatisfaction with Jackie Christie, her co-star on the reality show. The source of the conflict appears to be Jackie’s choice of accommodation for Jennifer during a recent trip. Jennifer had reportedly requested a suite for her stay, but instead, Jackie arranged for a deluxe hotel room, which fell short of Jennifer’s expectations.

In a recent release clip, Williams can be seen talking to Christie on the phone telling her, “Jackie I got a serious question for you? Do I look like a deluxe b*** to you? Said Williams.

Jackie Christie: Jen, what’s wrong?

WIlliams: What do you think is wrong? Why would put me in a deluxe room Jackie? Do I look deluxe?

Christie: hold on!

Williams: Or do I look f***ing Presidential? I don’t think I look deluxe at all! Nothing about me looks deluxe!

Christie: Wait a minute is there something wrong with your room?

Williams: Yes, I’m not in a suite that is what is wrong!

Christie: I know you are f***ing kidding with me right now!

Williams: No, I know your kidding with me not putting me in a deluxe room because I feel like you are hating on me. That’s what I feel like!

Christie: I’m going to come up there and clown your a**

This is not the first time that the two former friends have clashed, as their tumultuous relationship has been well-documented on the show. The latest incident seems to have added fuel to the fire, with fans taking sides and weighing in on the drama. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that tensions between Jennifer and Jackie are still running high, and their feud shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

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