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Jemele Hill, Thelonious Martin, Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, Aaron Nagler & Social Media Erupts After A Now Deleted Tweet By The Source Magazine About DJ Jazzy Jeff [Watch]

Hosting San Francisco’s 49ers for the 2023 NFC Championship, the Philadelphia Eagles secured their fourth trip to the Super Bowl in franchise history.

During the half-time show, legendary DJ, DJ JAZZY JEFF performed.

After the Eagles beat the 49ers 31-7, Jeff was interviewed by CBS3 Philadelphia’s Pat Gallen, and Philly legend said the Eagles are going to win it all.

“They are going to win it all… I’m going to be in Arizona. I might go to Arizona tomorrow,” said Jeff.

Well after the game, the source magazine decided to tweet, “Wait DJ Jazzy Jeff is a real DJ? Just thought that was just his title on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.”

The platform would later delete the tweet, but only after it was captured by Bally Sports’ Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson and other social media members sounded off on the comment.

Robinson also tweeted ‘ Pay your writers.” If you are not familiar with The Source Magazine, their has been numerous former writers and staff members, who have accused the platform of not paying them.

The ATLANTIC’s Jemele Hill tweeted, “We’re a deeply unserious society.

Aaron Nagler who is the Co-Founder of Cheese Head TV tweeted, “This can’t be a real Tweet.”

American record producer, Thelonious Martin tweeted, “Which one of y’all interns is making y’all look like idiots on the lords day?”

The Washington Wizards And Mystics DJ, DJ Heat also chimed in, “

If this is a troll tweet for a magazine that was once one of the go-to publications of hip-hop to tweet, this is corny. And if it’s not a troll, to not know the culture of what you’re supposed to report on is s*** emoji too.”

Speaking of DJ Jazzy Jeff, he recently had his 58th birthday earlier this month.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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