Chargers Legend Shawne Merriman, Taylor Fritz, & Ashley Haas All React To Chargers’ Joey Bosa’s Run In With Philly Fan [Watch]

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Even if you’re a pro-bowl pass rusher, you can’t expect to march into Philadelphia wearing opponents’ colors and not get heckled by Eagles fans.

Joey Bosa, trying to be a good guy and back up his brother Nick in pursuit of a Super Bowl appearance, received a hello from Philadelphia as he sailed outside Lincoln Financial Field before the 2023 NFC Championship.

Somebody must have forgotten to warn him of the Philadelphia fans, like the Los Angeles Chargers. He wore a San Francisco 49ers vest, setting a target on his back.

“When do the Chargers play this week?” an Eagles fan yelled toward Bosa.

“What are you, Snapchatting your little butt buddies? (Expletive) loser,” Bosa responded.

The fan then heckled Bosa over the fines he received for his comments during and after the season’s final Chargers game. Instead of laughing, Bosa continued to go after the fan, proving that the fines didn’t do much to influence Bosa’s decision-making. You can see the entire video below.

NFL Insider Jordan Schultz, Instagram, Shawne Merriman, Taylor Fritz, and Ashley Haas react to the incident.

“I was always a Bosa fan, but calling people broke is tacky,” said Haas.

Merriman commented with a Clown Emoji.

Fritz added, “Massive L fan.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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