Jay Z & Diddy’s Black App Sends Mix Signals And Sparks A Public Debate




In a GQ article titled, “Diddy Opens up About Biggie’s Death and the Secret Project,” the hip-hop Icon talks about working with Jay-Z on an application that will enable clients to take a look at a given city or neighborhood and see where the black-owned and black-friendly businesses are.

In spite of the fact that Diddy likewise talked about Biggie’s passing in the article, it was his remarks about the application that generated a ton of feelings and created a surge of reactions. Numerous online networking clients highlighted that there were already several ‘Buy Black’ app solutions. And the latter is true.

iPhone and Android clients are not short on choices in the Google and iTunes stores with regards to purchasing dark applications, which implies that Diddy and Jay-Z’s thought is just the same old thing new. Truth be told, one application that is as of now crossing over the spending hole for dark claimed organizations, as well as other minority, own business, is Spendwith.

Touted as culture-based shopping application, Spendwith enables clients to crowdsource the trade-related online networking posts of organizations and marks and distinguish these posts by social character, including dark owed organizations and brands. The application gives a place where clients can spare these presents on shopping records, make new posts, share shopping records and associate with different clients.

Responding to the revelation of the app development by the Hip- Hop icons, CEO and Co-Founder of Spendwith, Jibril Sulaiman, said: “I agree with the critical comments made by many social media users, Diddy and Jay Z should take a look at what Naz has done with Queensbridge Ventures, and use an extension of their celebrity status to galvanize investments in solutions like Spendwith to help support black businesses and brands.”

Diddy’s motivation for wanting to develop the app is to actively move the black race forward. But Sulaiman has a better idea how the celebrity could use his resources to help blacks gain economic power through an app. He said, “Don’t build it yourself. Create a seed/pre-seed stage investment firm that invests in that black tech company that will, in turn, scale their innovative solution.”

Beside web-based social networking clients underscoring the reality, there were at that point numerous purchase black applications. There were additionally addresses. Inquiries like ‘for what reason not an application for ladies or Latinos?’

“I think many people on social media have valid point,” said Sulaiman. “I realized during my time working for a local African American chamber of commerce that many groups, not just black people have initiatives to support businesses and brands based on cultural or demographic identity.”

Spendwith tends to this worry by giving an application enables its clients to feature organizations and brands of numerous societies and socioeconomics.

Pointing out the irrelevance of another Buy Black app as well as opportunities to partner with a brand that achieves far much more, Sulaiman said, “Diddy, what if people in Africa wanted to use your app in a largely black continent? They couldn’t, but they’d be able to use Spendwith because we allow users to identify business and brands by tribe and other region-specific identifiers.”

The Spendwith App is available for free download in the iTunes and Google Play stores. For further information about Spendwith, or for investment inquiries visit:

About Spendwith:

Spendwith is an early stage, a pre-revenue startup that’s focused on the success of the thousands of e-commerce shops & physical businesses started by Asian-American, Black, Latino, LGBT, Muslim, Jewish, Veteran & Women business owners. Posts relating to the products and services offered by these businesses and brands occur daily on every social media platform. They curate, organize and categorize these posts into a shoppable format with the help of the crowd.

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Written by Landon Buford

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