How Justin Rubin, founder of Pro Connect is providing Basketball Players opportunities

Justin Rubin is the CEO and founder of Pro Connect (@pro_connect) and Players People (@playerspeople). Pro Connect provides post-collegiate basketball players, including JUCO, Division I, Division II, and Division Ill athletes, with the guidance, exposure, and opportunities needed to play professionally overseas. Since 2018, Pro Connect has assisted in the process of 50+ player signings in 25+ countries internationally. Their social media platform is often regarded as the largest and most reputable overseas basketball service around.

Players People stems from Pro Connect but instead of finding players jobs and negotiating their contracts, they help them off the court/field. They specialize in leveraging an athlete’s social media presence to scale their own personal brands while landing brand deals & endorsements. Currently, they work with players in leagues such as the NBA, NFL, Euroleague, & Eurocup. They even work with Olympic gold medalists!

Justin Rubin has been one of the most influential figures in this space because he knows how to craft stories that captivate. With an extensive background in sports and entrepreneurship, he understands the ins and outs of the business better than most. He uses his expertise to help players compete and make a good living while doing so. However, Justin had to work hard for the position he is currently in. Similar to other businesses, there are bound to be good and bad times.

He believes that irrespective of that, one has to keep working hard and striving for success. Failures are inevitable and one needs to embrace them and learn from them in order to keep moving forward. Be sure to stay on the lookout for Justin Rubin’s name as it is bound to be everywhere in the coming years.

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