Halle Berry Sounds Off-On Everybody Calling Her 2004 Catwoman Film A Flop

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Halle Berry laughs about her famous superhero movie bomb Catwoman. Michelle Pfeiffer became the icon of Selina Kyle of DC Comics in Batman Returns by Tim Burton. But things turned out when Warner Bros. attempted to do a solo Catwoman movie in 2004.

But this Catwoman film, of course, didn’t feature Pfeiffer or Kyle’s classic version of DC Comics. Instead, Berry was chosen to play Patience Phillips, a character with no comic book history. Try reworking Catwoman as a brand new character disconnected from her.

Batman universe proved to be a significant miscalculation, one of many that hindered the 2004 film, which went on to gross $81 million and currently carries a dismal 8% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Almost 20 years after Catwoman, the film regularly finds itself in the top of the list of the worst ever made and the biggest box office bombs. But rather than running away from the flop movie, Berry herself appears to have embraced her reputation as a notorious dud, even allowing herself to joke about it on Twitter.

Recently, a fan by the name of Marcuss, who goes by the Twitter handle Drugs Media, tweeted about her childhood memory and, later, an adult was puzzled about the film’s bad reception, which led Berry to leave an adorable and funny tweet in response.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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