Charles Myambo Is Quickly Becoming One of The Best Celebrity News Correspondents Worldwide!

Courtesy of Charles Myambo

Charles Myambo is an author and correspondent for industry leader, The Hype Magazine. He is also well known for being a #1 Amazon best selling author in several genres. In addition to that, Charles is a credentialed journalist as seen in Muck Rack, Press Reader & Flipboard to name a few. He is verified on both Twitter and Muck Rack. Charles is also a highly touted celebrity news correspondent. Moreover, Charles is an international celebrity host and interviewer who has been covered by some of the world’s biggest publications. At present, his interviews have been covered by prominent outlets such as The Hype Magazine, UK News Now, Medium, Flipboard, Press Reader and many others. Additionally, Charles is a columnist for one of Africa’s largest print newspapers, NewsDay. The articles on celebrity interviews conducted by Charles are read by millions of Africans, especially Zimbabweans. NewsDay is distributed to nearly 2 million readers on any given day in Zimbabwe alone. Charles also has some interviews which are documented by other huge African outlets such as Nigeria Abroad, Mzansi News, TMZng, Daily News, iHarare, ZiFM Stereo, H-Metro, The Telegraph and The Financial Gazette to name a few.

In recent years, Charles also began to showcase his acumen as a public speaker. He has had the pleasure of sharing virtual stages with names like Paul Davison, Tiffany Haddish and several other notable public figures. Having the distinguished privilege of interviewing some of the most influential and successful people on the planet is something Charles never takes for granted. He has come a long way in his occupation as a celebrity interviewer. Some of the notable interviews he conducted were with billionaire – Brett Berish, Vlad TV (DjVlad), Rihanna’s producer, Justin Bieber’s producer, Oprah Winfrey’s co-star and even some members of the Buss family. He aims to ensure the diversity of interviews whenever selecting celebrity guests. He has interviewed various industry tycoons as well as high ranking staff members from large companies such as BBC, Twitter, Forbes, Warner Bros, Disney, Netflix, Sports Illustrated, Dream Works, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Luc Belaire and Instagram to name a few. Charles is also quite the scholar considering his credentials as an Actuarial Scientist, Data Analyst and Data Scientist. He has also worked with some of the biggest conglomerates in Asia. Some of the larger companies he worked for are MyFinB and Superlife World. Charles has also done some extensive work with the big social audio app known as Clubhouse. Charles and his team are collectively affiliated with a vast number of mainstream public figures & institutions worldwide.

In his most recent #1 best-selling book, Charles was a co-author for Naleighna Kai. The book is titled “Powerhouse Voices: Amazing Experiences on Clubhouse.” This book broke several records when it was first posted on Amazon by topping three separate best sellers categories in under two hours. Naleigha Kai, a close associate of Charles, was the book’s primary author. She is an Essence and USA Today’s #1 best-selling author who has dominated the book industry for over two decades. The other notable book co-author was Natasha Graziano (@natashagrano), who has 11 million followers on Instagram alone. According to Forbes magazine, she is the world’s #1 female motivational speaker under 40 years old. Natasha’s husband, Michael Graziano, also contributed significantly to Powerhouse Voices. Michael is renowned as one of the best article writers in the world. He currently writes for Forbes magazine and Entrepreneur. Michael Graziano (@globaldegree) has over 7 million followers on Instagram.

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Written by Landon Buford

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