Funk Flex Details How Drake Could’ve Been Better Than Jay-Z

Jay-Z  and Drake perform at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 15, 2010 in New York City.

Funk Flex and Drake’s history is highly reported that they do not get along at all, but Flex gives the Toronto Canada native props to make good music.

On Thursday, Funk Flex has jumped onto Instagram Live with Game Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth and Gillie Da King. Their conversation escalated as Flex argued that Drake could h威而鋼 ave been the greatest rapper of all time if he hadn’t had the ghostwriting scandal.

“If those reference tracks did not come out, Drake was the no. 1 rapper of all time,” Flex said. “He’s too versatile, his melodies, he has the bars, and he had the songs.”

It has been six years since Meek Mill accused Drake of having a ghostwriter. Meek alleged that Quentin Miller ghostwrote several tracks on the project If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

They were inciting a beef between Drizzy and Meek that peaked with the dissed track “Back to Back” by Drake. Meek and Drake would later patch things up and have done records since then.

In hip-hop, Drake’s association with ghostwriting has undermined his parochial status. Genre purest refused to accept nuances from writing songs or other tracks/verses Drake wrote for other people when criticizing him. Just like hip hop fans view another Funk Flex moment.

In 2009, a young Drake stopped at Hot 97 for the freestyle for Flex. However, instead of doing it from memory, Drake decided to read his Blackberry verses, causing fans to rip him apart.

“Me and Drake, we practiced that verse in the room already. He didn’t need the Blackberry because we practiced in the room with no Blackberry. So, when the camera came out, he pulled out the Blackberry,” Flex said when explaining the situation to Gillie and Wallo. “You wanna know why? Because, as a rapper, if you look at a guy with a Blackberry you go, oh, he must have wrote those words. He already knew the words when me and him were practicing in the room.”

Flex would go on to accuse the Six God of not writing any of the freestyles, that spit on Hot 97.

“‘Oh, the camera’s out? Let me show you this Blackberry as if I wrote these rhymes.’ He didn’t fucking write those freestyle rhymes on my show! I knew he didn’t write it,” Flex shared.

Flex is clearly trying to use Jay-Z and Drake to bring more eyes to his new single ‘Game Time’ with Fivio Foreign.

Fivio Foreign the greatest (Greatest)
Good moves, evasive (Ayy)
I’m on Perc’ too (Perc’ too), I’m faded (Faded)
F*ckin’ up the situation (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
My n*ggas armed and dangerous (We all), uh
This gun, I gotta catch a stain with it (Baow)
That’s the motto, call me Cain with it

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Written by Landon Buford

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