Floyd Mayweather Jr Reacts To Kevin Hart’s Conflict Of Calling Him Out For Exhibition Fight [Watch]

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Kevin Hart is a comedian and actor known for his quick wit and humorous personality, but his recent statement about calling out Floyd Mayweather Jr. reveals a deeper conflict within himself. Hart stated that his mind told him to call out Mayweather, possibly in a joking manner, but his body told him to sit down and avoid any potential confrontation.

This statement showcases the internal conflict that many people experience when faced with a difficult decision or situation. Hart’s mind may have been telling him to speak out and potentially gain attention or clout, while his body recognized the potential consequences and danger of such an action.

My mind told me to call out @floydmayweather …because for a second I felt like I could kick his ass ….but then my body told me to sit my dumbass down before he takes me serious and knocks my little ass the fuck out!!!!! Thank you so much body 😂😂😂😂 #liveLoveLaugh.

Mayweather Jr saw the post and said, ” I love it family.”

It is important to recognize and listen to both our minds and bodies when making decisions, as they can provide valuable insights and guidance. Ultimately, in this situation, Hart’s body won out, and he chose to sit down and avoid any potential conflict with Mayweather.

Speaking of Mayweather, he recently predicted that Tank Davis will put Ryan Garcia to sleep in their upcoming fight.

“Ryan hasn’t won a title yet. We don’t talk about no interim belt. That don’t count, and we not taking nothing away from the guy [Javier] Fortuna, but he was just an opponent,” said Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Fighthype about his view of Ryan Garcia not being in the same league as Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. “I’m going to have Tank in the best shape of his life, and just know, when he hit that boy, he ain’t going to wake up until next year.”

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Written by Nick White

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