Charleston White, Bossie Baddazz, London “DEELISHIS” Charles, DJ Akademiks, and Rich Dollz All React To Tekashi 69 Being Jumped [Watch]

On March 21, 2023, a video surfaced on social media showing rapper Tekashi69, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, getting beaten up in a bathroom at an LA Fitness gym in Florida. The video shows two men punching and kicking Hernandez while he attempts to defend himself. The incident reportedly occurred after an altercation between Hernandez and the two men at the gym.

The video quickly went viral and sparked a conversation about the dangers of celebrity culture and the repercussions of engaging in public feuds. Some fans and critics accused Hernandez of being too brash and confrontational, while others expressed concern for his safety and well-being. Despite the incident, Hernandez continued to make headlines for his controversial behavior and legal troubles, which included charges of racketeering and firearm possession.

Since the release of the video individuals such Charleston White, Bossie Baddazz, London “DEELISHIS” Charles, DJ Akademiks, and Rich Dollz

“Tell that Tekashi boy if you weren’t playing gangster you still could of had all your gun rights, but you don’t got your gun rights n***, said White.

“Snitches get Stitches lets start a go fund for this guy 100, said Boosie.

DEELISHIS added, “I get it he has been known to talk and say things ppl would rather he didn’t but I can’t bring myself to be happy seeing this done to anyone based on words. Just my opinion. Thankfully he was able to walk away from the incident. We have to do better. Violence is never the answer especially towards someone you don’t know. 🙏🏼”

DJ Akademiks shared, “I’m not beefing with no n*** name ballet. “

Finally, Rich Dollaz want to know why Tekashi 69 gets beat up, but George Zimmerman is still living his best life.

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Written by Cesar

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