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Drake’s New Song Sparks Speculation: Is He Taking Shots at Rihanna and A$AP Rocky?

When Drake dropped his latest album, “For All the Dogs,” fans were quick to dive into the lyrics and speculate whether he was throwing subtle jabs at his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, with whom he had an on-and-off relationship from 2009 to 2018, and her current partner, A$AP Rocky. The album’s intro track, “Fear of Heights,” has raised eyebrows due to its apparent references and wordplay, prompting listeners to dissect Drake’s lyrics for hidden meanings.

In the intro of “Fear of Heights,” Drake repeatedly utters the word “anti,” a word that holds significance as it is also the title of Rihanna’s 2016 album, “Anti.” This subtle connection has led some fans to believe that Drake may still be holding onto memories of his past relationship with the Barbadian superstar.

Drake doesn’t stop at just referencing Rihanna’s album title. Later in the same track, he seemingly addresses the perception that he is still hung up on his ex-girlfriend. With lines like, “Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you? / That could never be Gyal can’t ruin me / Better him than me / Better it’s not me I’m anti, I’m anti,” the rapper appears to assert that he has moved on and that any rumors suggesting otherwise are baseless.

In addition to alluding to Rihanna, Drake’s lyrics in “Fear of Heights” also seem to contain references to A$AP Rocky, Rihanna’s current partner. Drake raps, “I had way badder b**ches than you, TBH / Yeah, that man, he still with you, he can’t leave you / Y’all go on vacation, I bet it’s Antilles.”

Barbados, where Rihanna hails from and often vacations, is situated in the Lesser Antilles, and this geographical reference further fuels speculation that Drake is addressing Rihanna and her current relationship.

“Fear of Heights” isn’t the only track on Drake’s album that fans have scrutinized for hints related to his past relationship with Rihanna. In “Virginia Beach,” Drake mentions “a Parsons degree,” which is noteworthy because Rihanna holds an honorary degree from the Parsons School of Design. These subtle references keep fans speculating about the depth of Drake’s emotions and the significance of his past relationship.

Drake’s lyrics on “For All the Dogs” have generated a range of reactions from fans and listeners. Some have expressed surprise and skepticism at his apparent references to Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. One Twitter user wrote, “Drake wants us to believe Rihanna was average but he was obsessing over her for years.” The lyrics have reignited discussions about Drake’s feelings and past relationships.

While Drake’s lyrics suggest that he may still have certain emotions tied to his past with Rihanna, it’s essential to acknowledge that Rihanna has moved on. She has been in a committed relationship with A$AP Rocky for three years now, and the couple recently welcomed two sons, RZA and Riot Rose, into their family. Sources report that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are thriving and prioritizing their children’s happiness, fostering a loving and harmonious family environment.

Drake’s new song, “Fear of Heights,” has sparked speculations and discussions regarding his past relationship with Rihanna and her current partner, A$AP Rocky. While the lyrics may suggest lingering emotions, it’s essential to remember that time has moved forward for all parties involved. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are happily building their family, while Drake continues to use his music to express his experiences and emotions, regardless of the reactions it may provoke among fans and listeners.

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