DJ Mustard, Fat Joe, Drake Urge Druski 2 Funny Sign Inmate Rapper To Label [Watch]


On Friday night, Druski2funny [Druski] was on Instagram Live promoting his new clothes dropping on, and he also allowed guests to tap in and rap for him as a possibility of him signing them.

When Druski allowed some inmates to hop on his Instagram Live, it started off peacefully as Druski was warned not to do no funny s***, which he admitted he was scared of them.

A rapper named Budda begins rapping/ singing a song called ‘Do You Love Me.’

Drake, Chance the Rapper, DJ Mustard, and Fat Joe were in the comment section showing their support during the performance and telling Druski to sign him Immediately.

DJ Mustard said to sign him and “take all of the publishing.”

Fat Joe said, ‘Sign him now.”

After things went left, Drake said, ‘Just signed your death warrant.”

Chance the Rapper follows that up with, “U was scared fr [for real].”

Budda gets out in March of 2022, which Druski would take note of, but he might be banned from Atlanta.

“Where the money at Druski?

Ey hold on, man, we ain’t sign him yet!

What year do you get out, man?

Man, I get out March 7, 2022

Real Atlanta in the building! East Atlanta Zone three, Westside. Keep playing n*** we going to catch you in the Westend.

And later, Druski admitted that they had him shook, but the single he was singing was catchy!

What do you think?

Written by Byron Nelson

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