CyHi the Pyrnce Joins Every Struggle Discuss No Dope on Sundays and more

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CyHi the Pyrnce joins Complex’s Everyday Struggle to discuss where he is an artist. In addition, he talks about how he sends a lot of time creating music. CyHi breaks down how he started working with Kanye West even he was already signed to Def Jam Records under a different business arrangement and catching Beyoncé attention.  According to CyHi it was a three year power struggle before he was officially signed to Good Music. Once he finally, joined the label he was put on the shelf and given the task to help write other Labelmate projects. He would, eventually, accumulate enough funding to buy himself out of his record deal and signed a distribution deal with Sony.

Joe Budden would ask CyHi about some of his long term goals in regards to creating other opportunities for himself away from creating music. Budden also presented the question of how could CyHi feel comfortable signing with another major knowing that he has had some issues in the past.  CyHi would respond by stating he like a label situation because they have the ability to reach the masses in comparison to a cult following. Over the course of his career, he has released 10 Mixtapes while on Def Jam and never received a dime. Cyhi says he has four albums in the camber ready to be released. Meaning he is ready to make money off of his albums instead of just giving music away through his mixtape.  Make sure you check out the full episode of Everyday Struggle featuring CyHi the Pyrnce below and go checkout his new project “No Dope on Sundays.”


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Written by Landon Buford

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