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Back to Life: Why ‘A Long Way Gone’ Helps Students Love Life

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Real-life experiences often teach individuals multiple lessons. Some of them are hard to explain due to their deep impact. Ishmael Beah learned life lessons the hard way. He lost his family at a very young age. To add pain to an unhealed wound, he found himself killing people while in the army. 

The civil war in Sierra Leone was progressing from worse to worst. His comfort came from the use of hard drugs. He found help from a rehab center and began to accept himself. Nevertheless, a gap in his heart was never sealed. The loss of his family was devastating. 

Dealing with a cruel and chaotic world

The book provides the perspective of a different world. It is the world that Ishmael experienced when only a teenager. The civil war took away his family, the only people he loved. This was his turning point as a young boy. He had to move on and survive. He learned to steal in order to eat and kill to survive. 

He didn’t care about taking food by force from other kids as long he had something to eat. Losing the people who took care of him was the hardest part of his life. It was harder dealing with a cruel and chaotic world. 

The book A Long Way Gone cover the experiences of losses and gains. An individual can lose what they treasure most. There is another way to gain something new. A student can lose love and go through the pains of loss. However, different actions can help them heal faster. One of the actions is to read “A Long Way Gone” essays for free. There are many more “A Long Way Gone” essays to choose from EduZaurus. The essays are inspiring and will give you ideas on how to handle issues of love and loss. 

Amid war, chaos, and murder, Ishmael received hope. It was at a time when he thought he had lost everything. He was recruited into the army and learned a new life. He thought killing would avenge the loss of his family. He thought he had found a new family in the army. On the contrary, life was harder for him. 

After joining college, students find new relationships. They find a new love and hope for the best. Sometimes the new relationship goes sour. The affected student can take different actions. They can decide to find a new love and move on. They can also decide to sit and pity themselves. Some of them take action for revenge. 

Finding new meaning and love in life. 

The soldier who handed over Ishmael to UNICEF did a commendable job. He wanted the boy to open a new chapter in his life. The rehab center was beneficial to him. It helped him accept himself again. He had to move away from the life of drugs and guns. 

He found new meaning in life after joining a new family in the US. This new family didn’t teach him revenge. He no longer had to kill to survive. The boy found new love and moved on. The old love and family were a long way gone. That’s how this book came to be written. 

A student who loses love or relationship must find new meaning in life. They must learn not to revenge but to do good. Revenging will only make the situation worse. Ishmael had to let his family get e new one. No matter how hard it was, this was the right thing to do. Holding on to his past memories would worsen his emotions. 

The benefit of speaking out

At last, Ishmael Beah was given a chance to speak about the issues of child soldiers. He traveled to the US and did his presentation. He honestly gave his first-hand experience. He knew exactly where the problem was. He was aware of the exact issues to address. His experiences have helped him develop resilience

Students going through tough love issues should not fear to speak. They understand exactly what they need to address. By speaking out, they get half the problem solved. It is not just about speaking but speaking at the right forum. 


The memoir A Long Way Gone narrates the story of a boy soldier. He found himself in the army as he searched for survival. His biggest loss was his family, who died in the civil war in Sierra Leone. He later found a new love from a family who helped him refocus on a new life. Students often find themselves at a crossroads after losing relationships. The best way is not to seek revenge but new love. Speaking can help hasten the healing process. 

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