Writing a Perfect Marketing Essay for College Students

Marketing is a very competitive field, especially when it comes to building a meaningful audience to drive sales and maximize profit. If you want to learn how to become an amazing marketer, you must learn how to be more compelling. College students can achieve this by creating marketing essays. 

It can be a challenge to compose the perfect marketing essay as you must meet specific requirements. You also need credible sources to convey your message. Because of these requirements, you may consider marketing essays more challenging than normal essays.

Choose a topic and create the outline

The main objective of a marketing essay is to talk about a certain topic. It should also provide the reader with relevant information about the topic. This is why you need to find a very interesting topic for your essay.  When selecting the topic, it’s best to pick a familiar one. This gives you an edge as you would already have some knowledge on the topic, making it easier to determine what to

include in the essay. When writing a marketing essay, you should start with a solid outline after choosing the topic. The outline serves as a guide when doing the research. It also serves as the template you must follow as you write the essay.

Craft the perfect marketing essay

To craft the perfect marketing essay, students need to learn more about the industry. Find out who the most inspirational influencer is and go through various marketing essay topics. As a student, writing a marketing essay can be challenging for you. But you can buy college essays on Studyclerk. After reading well-written essay samples, you can create your own personal marketing plan essay example. The marketing plan essay you come up with needs to be very creative and compelling. If you lack the necessary skills, you may ask a writer on EduBirdie to do the essay for you.

Research the most popular marketing influencers 

In recent years, influencer marketing has grown in popularity. Today’s consumers put their trust in the opinions of influencers instead of celebrity endorsers when making decisions. Students who need to write marketing essays can draw inspiration from these influencers. You can also gain important knowledge from these individuals as they have the power to influence people in the marketing industry.

There are many influencers to choose from, and students can choose the one they feel most inspired by. For one, there is Erik Huberman. He is the CEO and founder of Hawke Media. He is a marketing expert and serial entrepreneur.

Jason Hennessey is an SEO expert and is internationally recognized for his work. He is also a business executive and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Hennessey Digital, leading a team of over a hundred experts in digital marketing.

Ann Handley has been part of the management and creation of digital content for several years now. Her main purpose is to build relationships between individuals and organizations. She now works at Marketing Profs as a Chief Content Officer. She’s a very popular influencer on LinkedIn, a famous writer, a keynote speaker, and a mother too.

Do dep research

To write a brilliant marketing essay, you must prepare your own market research on the topic you have chosen. The details of the essay may differ. But you should learn more about the target demographic of the service or product you are writing about. Before starting the essay, you must also consider the audience. After forming a draft of the outline, you can start with research. Although marketing reports are very helpful for gathering information, you should still use other sources. 

These may include social media accounts, corporate websites, advertisements or magazines that promote products, and more. You should take note of the trends and use as much numerical data and objective facts as possible. It is also important to support the conclusions of the essay with quotes and data from various academic sources. In some cases, using ideas from psychology could be very helpful. Aside from marketing, psychology studies how advertisements influence consumers. 

This discipline looks at the topic from a different perspective. Because of this, you will gain useful insights into real-world situations. You can even include the psychological effects of advertisements and how to alter these to improve marketing efforts.


A marketing essay is a type of academic assignment as it also begins with a thesis statement. This is the main topic of your essay that you would condense in 1 or 2 sentences. You can place the thesis statement in the essay’s introduction or the 2nd paragraph. When writing, strive to be very straightforward and concise. Also, avoid using ambiguous language whenever possible.

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